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When The Love Falls

These days couldn’t be more gentle, Live quiet and consoled, In gaudy melody, in delightful destitution.  Blessed are those days and nights.   The elegance of that sweet voice is without sin.    Time’s fragility often heals a scar not a heart, between my loving jaded pulses, a twilight is coming, a simmering ray, gently approaching, ringing… Continue reading When The Love Falls

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Me And Annabel Lee – A Father’s Hope

He was mesmerized by the poem 'Annabel Lee', So he named me 'Annabel', as Papa's Sweetie, Even when Granny call it all was nothing, but 'American hippie'. Prophetic tragedy as it might seemed, Me and Annabel Lee stood nothing in common, except the unhappy half-in-heaven sort of daemon, bound to be engulfed by nights' darkened… Continue reading Me And Annabel Lee – A Father’s Hope