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Naming The Rain

Happiness, how much do we owe to it?
When Mom and Dad in my nightmares every time I closed my eyes,
I wanted to be a daughter of the rain dripping down my windows,
cool with mellow jasmine scent, coming down from moon-lit clouds,
I then float and wreathe and brighten with robes of silver flames,
But instead, I beheld that vanished rains for the good years to come.

Happiness, how much have we wasted it?
Once I wore a bright star on my forehead and soaked in strange pride,
I wanted to be a daughter of the rain dripping down my lips and limbs,
sweet as spring Lilys, and every throb of sorrow dies whenever I whine,
yet neither pearl seas nor gold mines comforting my heart the slightest,
I lost in the quest for meaning and I pined to abandon my name in rain.      
Happiness, how much have we understood it? 
I saw your beaming gaze and your faith fierce as the lord of angel,
Danced in tumbling mirth and petrified oath, how do I name the rain? 
Surely Love has its grandeur, but mine has been the modest kind:
Good day, Goodnight, and Good dreams to you, dearest one,
Be free, be bold, be blessed and be where your heart believes. 

Poet’s Journal:

These days, I am well and still alive👩🏻‍🦰🌷( just too much work and I don’t like it🥲). Today, I think it might be a fun thing to do to expose a few things that reveal my true colour (to myself). Naming the rain through my own eyes. Often times, it amuses me to know how I am perceived quite differently, even the opposite by others.

  1. I love my solitude and couldn’t care less about meeting new people.
  2. I love to relax more than I love dance and I won’t work if I am not paid.
  3. I love wind! In my youth, more than half of the year I slept in the patio instead of staying in my bed, just to feel the wind. And my family never found out.
  4. I love rain! I had more motivation to go to school or work when it rained.
  5. I love silence and I was always the most quiet girl in my class growing up.
  6. I do not trust people easily, not until I see the proof of their characters.
  7. I do not fall in love. I either love or I don’t, and I am never confused.
  8. No one in this world knows exactly how I have lived my life, except myself. No one, including my family, has ever figured out the chronological order of my life so far.

Haha, that was a good one😂😜. I am laughing as I am writing! At the end of the day, it is not about whether or not we’d be seen by others, but we embrace ourselves wholeheartedly, including those hilarious behaviours and senarios.

29 thoughts on “Naming The Rain

  1. Annabel, your path of self-discovery and your courage to share are inspiring to me. 💖 Like I have written before, I am excited about the future you are creating for yourself. Grounded in self-awareness, honesty, creativity, strength, and grace. I hope you have a break soon from too much work. Thank you for taking the time to share your beautiful poetry with us! ✨🤗

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    1. You have brought smiles to me, dear Michele! 🌻🌷🥳 Thank you for always being so sweet and thoughtful! I am, too, very much inspired by your works and your way of making the best out of life💗.

      And yes! I am seeking unemployment now😅🤣…

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  2. I would love to walk with you in the rain, into a forest green, absorbing the happy tears of nature, soaked to the bone. Then, emerge into an open meadow, kissed by the warming sun and drying in the breeze as we progress.

    I welcome your Poet’s Journal revelations, and, like you, I find your poetry to be beautiful! Many times in my life, when others have closed windows to keep dry inside at the onset of rain, I opened the door to walk into a soothing shower.

    It’s good to laugh, my friend, and I wish for you much happiness on this day, and always! Be blessed, dear Annabel. 💧🌞🌷💖

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    1. Your comment is such a treat, Phil! 🌻🌸 thank you for always being so generous and kind! And yes, the rain is heaven’s happy tears and take a rain shower is a sublime experience. Glad to know you had many! No wonder you’re so into mountains, waterfalls, and knows every trail 😀🥳🏔🌷

      Good laughs indeed without feeling embarrassing🙈 🤪… after all, who doesn’t have some idiosyncrasies?🥲😀

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      1. You’re most welcome, beautiful Annabel! 🌻🌸 Yes, it’s all good ~ let it rain 💧😇 Wishing for you a splendid weekend 🌞🌷

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      1. Thank you! 😜🌷 I also love the name “Hurricane”, and looks like it has really grasped the essence of the city’s meteorological nature. Exciting!😃

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      2. I love the name too and it was funny because before I moved here last year, I didn’t know that Hurricane was named for it’s actual meteorological nature. But I sure did find out fast once getting here. It’s been windy everyday since I moved here, sometimes up to 50 mph winds and not uncommonly 25 mph winds in a reoccurring basis. 🌬

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      3. WOW, you are living in a heaven place! How exciting! At first, I thought you were probably joking when you mentioned that you lived in Hurricane, haha…

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