Please Read Before Contacting Me:

  1. Feel free and happy to contact me if you have known me in person, not online.

    2. If you don’t know me in person, you are still welcome to contact me when your kind inquiry/greetings are out of good and rational motives.

    3. Do Not contact me if you bear any unrealistic thoughts of me being your potential romantic interest! Your message will be instantly dismissed!

    4. Do Not send me your personal photos, your personal life stories, your resumes, the lists of your accomplishments, your romantic song/musical pieces, your romantic poems/love letters and any writings in that regard for me. I do not reciprocate your feelings, no matter who you are!

    5. If you do not know me in person, please do Not pose as a friend and write ambiguously like a suitor! Again, I neither appreciate nor reciprocate such “gesture”, regardless of who you are. If there’s a void in your personal life, then this blog has no solution for you and you are advised to unfollow me.

    In short, only in case 1 or 2 you will get a response. Otherwise, I will not be so nice. Since too many contact messages lately have been improper, I thank you for your understanding and consideration in advance!