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A Girl In Painting

She could be in my dreams or a yellow-paged painting, 
the smallest girl staring from afar with her freckled 
cheeks, her sun-burned face red as ripe tropical lychees,
her hands always hide behind blue chiffon curtains for she
never tells you what she thinks, but her heart pounding
hard in rhythmic sonata On Christmas,cold and unfeeling. 

She could be out of that painting when other girls all 
dancing with wild abandonment with a Bacchanalian choir,
Her feet awkward, stepping back in silence and observe,
and that's the exact moment you will notice her round face,
her bright gaze penetrating and you've asked yourself why.
But now you must forgive her stubborn and ferocious ways,
her little capriciousness in all except the love for you.  
And if it pleases you to know that, my dear,
Her time has come and we must not stand in her ways. 

30 thoughts on “A Girl In Painting

  1. I am beyond proud of you, Annabel! 🩰 💐👏🏻 I celebrate the woman you are and the little girl who helped get her there. Imagining little Annabel traveling alone on bus, toward her future is an emotional and empowering image. A young dancer with an old soul traveling toward her destiny. Beautiful! It is a privilege to follow your journey and learn more and more about the challenges you have overcome to get where you are – which is only the beginning of a bright future! 💖 Wishing you the best that life has to offer.

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    1. You’re the kindest lady, dear Michele! And you are of a beautiful feeling soul with every word that touches my heart.💖 Yes, it was quite emotional when I look back and still see myself on the bus, alone and small. thank God that I didn’t become the target of human trafficking🥲😅.

      I wish you all the heavenly gifts bestowed as well!! 🌷🥳 more dance and more joy each day, dear Michele!!

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      1. That is very kind of you to write, Annabel. Just writing from heart. Your words, dance, and spirit evoke my compassion and sincerity. I wish you the very best! Your guardian angels are with you, then and now! 😇💖😇 Thank you – I receive your wishes with an open heart. 💗🤗🌷

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      2. How beautiful and moving are you words, dear Michele! You’ve made my heart smile after a long day🥰🤗. The vibes I received from you are always empowering and sublime!🥂💕 Send love and many hugs to you!🌷🪷🌻


  2. This pause to celebrate your poetry & Poet’s Journal, of courage, fortitude and the will to succeed, shared through the dreams of a once stubborn little girl, having blossomed now through hard work and discipline, into a very talented and beautiful woman with unlimited potential to achieve all that she can envision…yours is a wonderful, bright future dear Annabel. More power to you, my friend! 😇💗✨

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    1. You’re an angle speaking, Phil!🌻I’m already blooming like a sunflower hearing such powerful assurance from you! I actually had no clue how I was gonna make in dance when I was on the bus, but faith sustained me through the years.

      Now I’m grateful to have found my spiritual family and have been empowered by you!!😇🙏🏻🥳

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      1. What better way
        to start the day
        than to see your lovely face

        Words shared, so kind
        Straight from the heart
        A good morning to embrace

        Thank you, dear Annabel 🌻🙏🏻💖

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    1. Many heartfelt thanks to you, my friend! 🥳 I’m happy that you like my dance! Right now, I need to focus on the dance papers rather than dance performance. That said, I might make a video here or there just for fun, haha!!😄🌷

      Enjoy a beautiful summertime!!!

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      1. Haha, looks like you’re in the tropical zone! Stay cool and drink coconuts then 🥥 🌴! I’ve missed the fresh coconuts from my tropical home town😅🤗


      2. Well I’m from india
        And the maximum temperature of my state is 50 degree Celsius. So yeah, surviving some how. Is there any way to contact you? Like mail or something?
        Take care Annabel, keep smiling 💃


  3. We think you lovely and beautiful…We think you dance so lovely and beautiful…Yet the faith needed to sustain the journey. the courage to take on the journey. The hours of sweat and tears that watered the soul the child/woman that embrace, endured, let go and embraced again. you write poetically with nuggets for us to gather while therapy is taking place. Wonderful, thanks for sharing

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    1. Thank you so much for your visit and kind words, Tony! I am happy to read your comment today, as always. It’s such an outstanding act of compassion and kindness from you to pen down these wonderfully heart-warming lines…. Much gratitude sending to you, my friend!

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