Modern Poems · Spontaneous writing


But there must have been a better way:
You can show her that she is beautiful. 

Your eyes quiet as twilight adoring only her moon,
Your hands like winds lifting her up from deep sea,
Your presence like mountains grounding her stars.
Still, She'll rid your sweet words, chivalrous tricks,
then show her your devotions are her strongest ally, 
through your deeds, eyes, hands, resolute presence.
It is a clever Madness you commit and now confess,  
It is very tough and she might not even believe you, 
Yet when she finally does, she's utterly transformed:

She isn't then seen beautiful,
But she is beautiful, seen. 

( @Annabel, April 2023 )

Little Updates (4/26/2023)

I am grateful to know that this little poem “Beautiful” has been a delight to read from some messages I received; therefore, I’d like to thank you all for your appreciation and for stopping by my blog. The comment section was turned off due to my limited time to reply lately, but I shall be back soon! Sending positive energy to all of you!🌻