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To Eternity, tonight

If I am allowed of heartfelt honesty,
I cherish neither my profession nor education,
they are dust and ash in my truthful eyes;
If I am allowed of blatant sincerity,
I am of deprived both ambition and direction,
they mean nothing to a woman who dwells in infinity of time.

If I am to be bonded by life,
A warm bath with scintillating petals does the magic, 
velvet-scarlet and lilac-lavender will be my favorite,
a pinch of Himalaya sea salt mixed in fresh-born herbs,
each day must be wrestled for beauty among,
each breath would be caressed while tenderness sang,
And joy and bliss, from every glance,
all the ingredients of organic Warmth.   

In this permanent world of impermanence,
when clouds shift their shape in cool breeze,
when rivers' mouths widening at sea's edge,
around the center of heavenly affection, 
serene and content in its aromatic solitude,
what else can I say to you tonight?

Glad, and troubled, at times,
Greenland, and cliffs, promised,
I walk between pain and delight,
A melody in harmony and plight; 
Happy are we if, without hate and delay,
We each hold a dear friend to our hearts,
with every single willpower of its host,
in my mind you're the limelight tonight.

And the noblest meaning of this saccharine wine,
harvested from the brightest ray of all sunshine,
To Finity, you are of a vigorous passerby, 
To Eternity, you are the dearest of mine.  

18 thoughts on “To Eternity, tonight

  1. Gorgeous poem, Annabel. I read it last night, but wanted to spend more time with it today and I am so glad I did. I love how you describe what may be considered fleeting and hold to a higher regard the soothing comfort of a bath. This idea works beautifully with your description of a river and sea. It created a visual of a bath flowing into a river, then a sea and creates a strong connection to the natural world. Your poem also illustrates how both beautiful and complicated people are (esp. women). 💖

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    1. Dear Michele, I can feel your kindness and loving presence despite the physical distance💕.

      Often times back then, I didn’t know how I felt and what I desired till I wrote my heart out honestly. Surprisingly, in truth I couldn’t care less about what seemed to be ‘the importance or be the strongest’ to ‘earn the right of my existence’(so they called).
      A beautiful warm bath is indeed one of my weaknesses and I take refuge in those moments😂😄. And I agree with you that people are both beautiful and complicated… Complicated due to unhealed sufferings and beautiful in soul’s essence.
      I am grateful for this unique journey and your loving support! 🙏 Send lots of love❤️

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      1. It warms my heart to know that you feel my genuine kindness and loving presence. Thank you, Annabel. 🥰 Life certainly is a journey with new discoveries, every day, if we are lucky. Your poem and your comments are beautifully and genuinely expressive. I appreciate the time and talent you pour into your craft. 🙏🏻 Love to you too. 💗

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      2. If only one loving lady like you be given to every girl in their early life, this world wouldn’t be filled with so much female trauma!💕
        Heartfelt thanks, Michele!🥰🙏

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      3. Oh, Annabel. I know this has a thread of pain woven through it, and for that I am deeply saddened, but your words mean more to me than I can ever express. I am here for you in any way that I can be. 💖

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  2. You have so many rich lines of torn between, such as I walk between pain and delight,
    A melody in harmony and plight. This is the struggle and when a moment to rejoice comes we must take it. You my dear lady, a gift with a talent. your writing is prolific and profound!

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    1. Wow, I appreciate greatly your kindness and encouraging words! 🥰🥂 You just delivered smiles to me after a long busy week!😃
      Have a fantastic weekend, my friend! 🏝🍹

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  3. This reminds me of the Metaphysical poets…you must have spent time in the Oxford English poetry anthologies…what a wonderful thing to encounter 😊😊

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  4. An interesting discussion is worth comment. I think that you ought to publish more on this topic, it might not be a taboo matter but usually folks don’t speak about these issues. To the next! Cheers!!

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