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A Good Life

When daisies pied and violets azure
And mayflowers all milky-white,
When cuckoo-buds burst out first yellow hue,
Do paint the meadows with your choice of pursue.

My friends, the things I do admire
In a good life be these, I find:
The work decent, efforts spent without pain, 
The leisure plenty, is squandered without shame,
The fruitful garden, peaceful heaven your quiet mind.

The loving friends, no grudge, no strife,
No charge of rules nor reserve,
Two cups of warm latte, best companions
of long afternoon hearty whims and chats;
A fit body where youthful spirit alive,
Is without disease the healthy life,
And a warm household of continual love.

The diet delights, no fussy affair;
True wisdom joined with simple layer;
The dawn awakens with beaming gale,
The night discharges of all might care,
Where life’s sweet wine is never sterile.

A truthful husband, less of pride,
The faithful wife, without debate,
Such beauty, as your gaze glare the candlelight,
Such sleeps, as may beguile the fragile night:
Comfort the days without moment delay,
Content yourself with humble estate,
Either offer homemade soups or ready caresses,
Together neither we wish death, nor fear his might.

Poet’s Notes:

I was inspired to write something after catching up with my dear friend Risa ( who is a beautiful Japanese lady and stunning Jazz dancer). Together, we spent our cozy afternoon in the most uneventful manner and were able to share our hopes and dreams delightfully!

It was pleasurable to reconnect with her before I move away from town…. And I will be catching up with other friends during my remaining time here. I miss them already and wish every one of you (whether my friends in real life or online) a GOOD LIFE ahead! 🥳💕

Risa and Me ( the barista asked if we were sisters 😂🥰)

23 thoughts on “A Good Life

      1. Yep, that’s what I thought when I’m lazy most of the time 😅🤪…
        Thank you for your kind words, Gary🙏 and that already put a big smile on me!😃😀

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Your poem definitely describes a “good life.” 🥰 Your poem also has a sophisticated and old world style with a contemporary twist – a delightful read. I love your photo – you two do look like sisters. Good luck with your move. 🤗💐

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, thank you so much, Michele💕🥳. I am indeed a bit ‘old-fashioned’ modern woman at heart and value a peaceful life more than excitements😅😃🥰
      Risa is indeed a very close friend and loving ‘sister’ to me! 💕 thank you for liking the photo🥰😘

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  2. I loved this ☀️ your choice of words, their arrangement and how they flow is so beautifully mesmerizing. It felt like being immersed into that life, it brought a sense of warmth and light
    reading it in your voice and learning more about you. It is a beautiful painting indeed and a pleasure to read 😀 .

    Commenter’s notes:
    Pardon me as I borrow this format a-little, I shall return it promptly 😂

    Such a beautiful picture, joyful and radiant to see. I’m glad you both shared a delightful afternoon and wonderful moment together. Wishing you well as you prepare to move and that you continue to have wonderful moments of catching up. May each beautiful connection and friendship continue to endure. Wishing you too a good life ahead Annabel ☀️🥳

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    1. Heartfelt thanks for your wishes, charming words and commenter’s notes, Nelson! 🙏😃

      Risa and I were able to spend a wonderful afternoon together and sharing each other’s deepest dreams. It’s a great fortune to have loving friends in life despite life’s changes.💕
      And later I realised that just how the media and films have distorted our needs to live in a good life😃. There’s indeed much less material needs, but our hearts desire true connections and support from each other🥰🥳

      Thanks again for reading and your kind message!!🌸🌸😊

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      1. You’re very welcome Annabel 🙇🏾‍♂️

        Ah, one of the best kinds of moments and conversations and even more so with a loving friend 😃. Indeed it is !
        🤔right, I imagine since there’s so much being portrayed as needed for a good life or what a good life ?
        I agree 🥳. You’ve left me with something to ponder on some more.

        Anytime 🥂🙂

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      2. Thank you, Nelson! For your kind words, for your openness, for your continuing support, and for your understanding 🥳🥂 .
        I am always happy to have you here!🙏😊And wishing you the best of all bests in life! 🥳🥂

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    1. Oh thank you so much, Michele💕! Life is not always a smooth journey, but we all learn along the way. I’ve indeed learned to appreciate everything I have and this is my new-found Freedom! 😂🥳
      Thank you for reading!

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