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Half A World Away

You are half a world away,
standing right next to me,
speaking silence in a dream,
with lissome cherrywood and eyes
as bright as sunlights on a stream. 

I scarcely believed one day I’d love, and
to endure vicissitudes and changing seasons,
But Love mimics not the falling fruit,
from the withered December trees, but
blossom from a world of despair and demise,
Pleasingly delusional, witchery divine…
Yet we now know it all too late…

And why is it you are half a world away?
With love so warm as dawnlights in that morning sky,
burying beneath wintery soil a new spring is grown.
I can hear you when you call me from the heart,
And you need never search for my hands,
But look into my eyes next time, Dear. 

Poet’s Journal:

It’s been a while since last time I wished to write something for myself. The days are passing by in such a rush and we are again in the embrace of another December. This December is as pleasingly charming as ever with gentle sunlights peeking through my glass windows and a wintersweet gorgeously blooming near my flat to bring me some ease.

Despite all the discomforts and the feelings of unsafe staying in a violent city as Philly, I have been unexpectedly blessed with plenty of growth in my professional life and a beautiful friendship with Veronica. She is a true friend with all the delightful virtues that are rarely found. It disheartens me to see how often the word ‘friend’ is mis-used and abused. A true friendship is of no use just as there is no embrace in great love. Both are too precious for any practicality. And yet, my staying in Philly is counting down and another downhearted farewell seems inevitable….

Well, speaking of some positive news, I did a live performance after the making of my autobiographical solo film. A dance piece less than 5mins. Here’s the link:

Stay warm and cozy, dear readers! 💕

22 thoughts on “Half A World Away

  1. You move with such grace, exquisite precision and beauty, Annabel. Thank you for sharing your dance video link. My only wish were that I could see your lovely smile, behind the mask. 🌹 I enjoyed your wonderful poetry, too, sensing your longing to be close to your love, your home. Stay warm and safe through the winter, my dear, as spring blossoms will bloom in brilliance for you. 🥰

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    1. Your words full of kindness and warmth, Phil! The mask has become more of a bureaucratic act than a COVID precaution😅. It’s totally unnecessary to wear the mask on stage, but ‘correct’ to follow the protocol…

      Thank you so much for viewing the performance and I am waiting here for the spring blossoms! 🥳🍵😃

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  2. Your movements are exquisite, too elegant and graceful, my friend. An extraordinary piece, really.
    Such a powerful poem. Very beautifully penned. How Multi talented you are! Gorgeous poem and dance piece. Stay fabulous! 💖

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for swinging by and sharing your beautiful words, dear friend!💕 I’m grateful for your kindness and glad that you like the dance and poem! Wish you a beautiful Christmas and all wishes fulfilled effortlessly!🎄🥂

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  3. Annabel, your poem is a beautiful tribute to love. 💖 Gorgeous! I really enjoyed your update, especially your comments about your friend and what friendship means. Heartwarming. 🥰 Thank you for sharing your dance link. I will watch it and enjoy every minute of it! 🤗 Stay safe, healthy, and happy! 💐

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    1. You are both gorgeous and kind, dear Michele! Thank you for reading everything in the post😃💕 and yes, friends warm our hearts, so as your beautiful words…
      And you too, be blessed with happiness in every moment of life!🥳💕

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  4. A wonderful dance with meaning! You move with elegance and are graceful like a swan. 😃 It is a treat to watch you perform and I am blessed by your kindness to share.💐

    Your poetry speaks to a love that is known even when no words are spoken. To look in eyes that glisten and brighten with a thought of something or someone is beautiful. It is beautiful when it is recognize by the someone you hope sees it!

    It is having such an understanding that holds one through the cold winter, knowing spring will come around. Glad you have someone around you that you consider a friend. That means there is a trust factor. It is rare when the world feeds on backbiting and competition. Take care and I believe you will remain safe, because your purpose is still being fulfilled. Dance on my sweet Lady🥳💕

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    1. Oh, You speak angel words and I am now spoiled by the halo of your kindness! 🥰 How blessed I am, dear friend!

      I’m grateful of the generous ways you appreciated my little poem and dance. You all keeps me going and blissfully alive!😃🤗

      And yes, to look into eyes is to offer beauty, trust and kindness. Thank you for offering your reassuring words that there’s a purpose is still being fulfilled🙏… You get it all and we are in the same spiritual family🥳🥂Send a hug!

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      1. You have reached my heart and I hold and cherish the thought of us being in the same spiritual family.💕 I return the gratefulness of a kindred spirit, that is better at giving than receiving🥳
        Therefore, I wish to spoil you more🥰 and rejoicing in the fact, that I might have made a moment in time more bearable🙏
        Thank you, thank you, Thank you… here’s to your resilience and acceptance of the hug sent to me🤗🥂

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      2. I’m all radiant and delightful today reading your message! The best gift ever🥰🙏

        Thank YOU for being so wonderful and kind! Those beautifully words smooth souls and bring me heartfelt smile…🥳🌸 You are a healer! Many thanks…😊 🎄

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  5. I blog often and I seriously appreciate your content. The article has truly peaked my interest. I am going to book mark your blog and keep checking for new information about once per week. I subscribed to your Feed too.

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