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December Passacaglia

December is an aged nostalgic song, 
with ancient accents in delicate monotone,
Aglow and behold weary souls with happy tears,
And each note leads to cadence of mystical visions. 

Can you feel the beauty of heaven’s stars shine upon,
with millions of velvet dreams flowing within you? 
Such is the grace of a tender prayer,
capable of the most ardent passions.
Such is the mastery of the creator,
sprouting an ever-pulsing flame 
under a December’s silent name…

Poet’s Journal:

As Christmas is magically approaching, I’m finally having some leisure just staying home and studying the Christmas recipes🎄🤪. Since I wish not to tire myself out on Christmas night, I will only host the Christmas brunch at home and with a few friends/colleagues. And even that, I find it actually quite a habor and preparation (luckily, friends are willing to help around🥰).

Added to the pressure, is the Christmas tree arriving unbelievably late leaving me no time decorating it. Anyway, I have resorted to just enjoy whatever we can put together this year in this foreign city and happily busy around in my kitchen😅🎅🎄…

Jumping around in the kitchen but nowhere productive😅🤪

Be content with the reality 🤪🎄🧘‍♂️

Have a magical Christmas time and eat plenty of beautiful food, dear friends! 🎄🥂💗

26 thoughts on “December Passacaglia

  1. As are the words of your poetry, so too you look lovely in your photographs ❣️ Thank you for sharing both, dear Annabel. It sounds like you are so busy, and I know everything will be just right on Christmas and with the tree, also. 🎄 For good luck, I send you a 😘 and 🍀 and a Merry Christmas wish, my friend. 🌹🌹

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    1. I’m smiling reading your comment, Phil!😃 You always have the kindest and most thoughtful words to say, at the perfect moment!🥳🌸

      And you too, have all wishes fulfilled this coming enchanting Christmas!!🎄🥂 🤗

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      1. Ah, smiling is good. I am glad to know that, my friend, as I too am smiling. 😃 I appreciate your nice email, Annabel ~ you are as sweet as you are lovely. Thank you. 🌸🥂 🤗

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  2. Annabel, your post delivered smiles and joy to my day. Thank you sharing! Your well-crafted poem is delicate and beautiful. A delight to read! I am so happy to see you and to read that you have some leisure time. Enjoy your holidays surrounded by friends and colleagues. 🤗 💐💖

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m much delighted by your lovely comments, dear Michele! 💗Thank you so much for always being so wonderful and generous! And yes, I am looking forward to having friends coming over🎄🥂. Send big hugs to you! Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!🌸🥳

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    1. Your words shine with beauty and kindness, dear friend!💕 You also made my day knowing that you enjoyed this post! 🥳 many thanks and big hugs to you🤗🥂🌸


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