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Second Life

The twilight of your face,
the unseen meadow in your voice,
drew me to your eyes’spring solace.
When we hear the din of our aloneness,
When we risk the change that creates and destroys,
Is this the last incarnation of a sacred living breath?
I grieve the deleted passage,
I regret the untold truth,
It was all done and gone.

And yet I still dance,
    in joy
because I see and sense and know you,
    Your melody,
trailing now through all my stars,
    and mirroring,
the tracks of my soul.

Poet’s Journal:

Early this week, I enjoyed a beautiful afternoon walk with Veronica, who is my neighbour and a kind friend. We walked one hour from Cynwyd heritage trail all the way to Manayunk bridge, then rested at a local cozy tea shop before heading back.

This winter day was quite stunning with the scenery of Spring and Autumn combined. I was delighted by the soft peace and mellow pace. And now, when I look around and hear repeatedly peers/ colleagues calculating their next moves in life, I often smile to myself for I can no longer understand such worldly dreams and ambitions.

I could have fought harder, but I am a weak woman and my heart yearns to retire from this world of noise and competition. Neither new opportunities nor exciting research projects can attempt me to stay any longer than necessary in Philly.

I’ve known my destiny and my heart is already on her way….

Loved the colourful balloons overhead and the tender sunlights outside the tea shop.
A mesmerising view from Manayunk Bridge

26 thoughts on “Second Life

  1. Wherever it is you should travel, that place of solace for which your heart longs, may peace always accompany you on your journey, and each of your aspirations come to fruition in time. Your heartfelt poetry is lovely, Annabel, and so are you. Thank you for sharing, my friend. ✨😙🌸

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    1. You’re the one of the kindest, Phil! Your warm words is like the furnace for a freezing winter day🥰🍵! I am happy and content reading your them 🌸🏡.

      Enjoy the beginning of winter ❄️! Looks like this year I will finally see some snows on Christmas 🎅 . Considering it a ‘bonus’ staying in Philly 😅

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      1. Thank you so much, Annabel. 😇 You are sweet to say so, and I appreciate your kind words. I am glad you liked my comment, too. Yes, snow can be very beautiful in winter, especially in the early season such as Christmas. ⛄ Stay warm, my friend. 🤗

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  2. As is your style, talented Annabel, your poem is exquisite. 💖Walking is wonderful – even better when you can do so with a friend. Love the photos, especially the one of you under the colorful balloons. 🎈 You are adorable. 🤗 Follow your heart brave courageous one! 💓

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    1. You always make my day brighter with your appreciation and kindness, dear Michele! 💕 It was indeed a wonderful walk. Time seems insufficient and passes by so fast whenever walk with friends 😅🥰.

      I’m delighted to have you visited! Enjoy your lovely day!🏡🍵💕

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      1. Your caring words always find their way to my heart, dear Michele!💕 and yes! More walks with will definitely happen😃🤪.

        Send a BIG hug to you, lovely Michele!!🍵🥰

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  3. The whole poem resonates. “I grieve the deleted passage” WOW! Part of me doesn’t want to highlight one part, the whole poem is really beautiful.

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    1. Wow, thank you so much for your kind words! I am happy that you appreciate this little poem🥰🍵. Looks like we had some collective experience and we are not alone🤪🤗


  4. Gorgeous poem and absolutely stunning pictures! I totally get the feeling of having friends race ahead in life while we stay behind, frozen in time and senses. It’s strange.
    A truly wonderful post.

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