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La Vie En Rose

No, you don’t talk, you listen

This summer is uneventful, as many before it

This girl is imperfect, as many before her

But there is a song keeps her alive, proudly sung

Spring casts this magic spell with voice softly wished, be heard

For better or worse, she sings a life La Vie En Rose


No, you don’t analyze, you listen

The moon tonight is as merciful as ever, gorgeously bestows

The girl behinds these words hides inside evening dews, quietly bleeds

But there a dance keeps her believes, brightly danced

Autumn orchestrates this waltz swiftly glides, be enchanted

For good or evil, she swirls a life La Vie En Rose


Sings a song with such melancholy, but she is not dead hearted

Sleeps under a silent cliff, she is not a willing pawn

She leads a dance with such sorrow, but she is not of an empty soul

She simpers with utter disdain, she is not a wishful naïveté

Such is the burden of a character, who laughs defiantly, loves grandly


Oh darling

Don’t ask her what women really want

She doesn’t know what they want

She trembles far beneath those goddesses, who so morally grandiose

Destroy life ruthlessly, a dream has turned to shame


La Vie En Rose


Sing her a love song

Offer her a chivalrous knight

Swear her the love oath of forever beside


Be grateful,

When, she dashes out the moment

You demand Aphrodites golden apple


Oh, I know it’s the rosa fantasy she cannot provide

Aphrodite golden apple





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