Modern Poems

The Trophy Child

There was a time I dreamed of walking under the rain,

With sweet tenderness by my side;

There was a time I dreamed of running through the mountain,

With wild strikes catching up behind;

I dreamed of a dream,

That my smile makes me enough;

I dreamed of a dream,

That my tears make me be seen;


Exactly, like other girls I’ve seen.


But it all went wrong,

It all went wrong….


Someone has to try harder;

Putting on the costumes of grandeur,

Residing in the chateau of terror,

Here comes that poor girl,

Putting on a show of a princess.


They smiled,

They praised,

They fantasized,

All is bestowed, if only temporarily,

For the good show displayed.


Be silent,

Just be silent, my trophy child,

There is no blame if you don’t complain.



Just disappear, my trophy child,

There is no hurt if you don’t love.

Angle came to a girl.  She is now the real trophy child




Final denote: This is the hardest thing I’ve ever brought myself to write. However, on the bright side, it marks a new start that has been calling me to embark…..




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2 thoughts on “The Trophy Child

  1. Your poetry is both very well written and sad, dear Annabel. I understand that was long ago, but I would still hug you, if close. 🤗 In childhood, there is real pressure to conform, to put on a show and behave as others expect. Though wounds make weary, and some dreams seemed dreary, that was then. Today, you are a very beautiful and talented young lady with a wonderful smile, and love is looking for you – don’t disappear. 💖

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    1. You are truly the kindest, Phil! I’d give you a big hug too, if near.😃🤪 Yes, healing takes time. Some days better, some days worse😅😂. But today, your beautiful words and compassion make me shine brighter 🥰🥳. Thank YOU soooo much, Phil! 🙏🥂

      Liked by 1 person

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