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Let Me Sing You A Lullaby

Lay down your head and I will sing you a lullaby,

Back to the years of blissful innocence.

I will sing you to sleep and I will sing you tomorrow,

Bless you with love for the road you go.


May you sail fare to the far field of fortune,

With diamonds and pearls at your head and your feet.

May you need never to banish misfortune.

May you find kindness in all that you meet.


May there always be angles to watch over you,

To guide you each step of the way,

To guard you and keep you safe from harm….


May you bring love and may you bring happiness,

Be loved in return to the end of your day.

Now fall off to sleep, I am not meaning to keep you.

I’ll just sit for a while and sing this lullaby.


May there always be angles to watch over you,

To guide you each step of the way,

To guard you and keep you safe from harm……



Final note:

This lyric has replayed itself many times in my head these days. It reminded me the warm and calming presence of my nanny growing up, whose kindness was my shelter. The night before she left town for a short trip, she sung a lovely lullaby to me.

We were positive that she would return soon. But she never did. It was the last time, the last night, in this lifetime I fell asleep with her lullaby.

There are many people you will never remember; there are few you will never forget. Cherish what you have and smile to life.

Live as if you had never lived….

Let me sing a lullaby




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7 thoughts on “Let Me Sing You A Lullaby

  1. I find your tender, heartfelt and nostalgic poetry of this childhood lullaby a lovely expression, dear Annabel. You are a very talented and beautiful poetess, whose writing has once again inspired me to write a poem, today…

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  2. Annabel, my day is greatly enriched by reading you. May all you wish for others return to you tenfold. I am confident it will. Your radiant and talented soul shines brightly! A touching share about your Nanny. 💞

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