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To My Little Friend

Since when I started expecting your visit during the day?

Brewing my morning coffee

I wondered why you didn’t check me out the other day


Have you moved out of the hills?

Found a better spot for nesting?

Just got married and laying eggs somewhere?

Who’s got the crush now?

I laughed at my infatuation


From picking up breadcrumbs faraway

To dining side by side with shared delight

Beautiful soul

You have given trust with no refrain


Oh, I miss you

You little fluffy thing



*** Final Note: Pure spontaneous random writing as I pondered what could have happened to this little wild bird today. She used to fly by my patio every morning and chatted happily in a language I don’t understand. Sometimes, she would let me pat her a bit.

Now, she has been missing for two days. I found myself panicking over her absence. Well, I guess that’s what love all about 🙂





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2 thoughts on “To My Little Friend

    1. Thank you so much for appreciating this older post of mine!💕 Yes, the little birds were so beautiful and we made an unexpected companionship🌸😅… I couldn’t help but write something about this fav bird of mine😃🍹

      Lovely to have you dropped by!! And please pardon this late response😅🙏

      Liked by 1 person

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