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To The Five Year Old

Five year old

I know you are good at laughing, monkeying around, better than anyone else

You are made happy even with the shallow offer of a funny joke

Yes, you are that easy to be satisfied


Five year old

I know you are made of a sentimental heart, full of lively impulses

You are made sobbing even with the smallest cut in a puppy

Yes, you are that easy to be hurt


Five year old

I know you are also capable of whining, throwing tantrums just like others

Sad, that only invites cascades of escalating hostility and hatred

You wondered how that could be

That goddess has no boundaries in exercising her power


Five year old

I know you also craved kindness, safety, protection as your birthright implied

But, no one ever stood up for you

You wondered where those pledged angels are

Inside this rotten golden palace are full of boasting ghosts and corrupted saints


Defenseless five year old

Somewhere in the darkest valley of nights

I know you were blinded, blinded unwillingly

Somewhere under the oath of humanity

I know you were handcuffed, handcuffed unknowingly


Dearest is my five year old

Seeing you all around me

I smile with compassion

Hearts to the five year old





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