Modern Poems · Modern Spirit

The Terminal

Like the cottonwoods decorating sweet dreams outside my window,
Demure in summer verdant gown and gleam in fall tangerine hues,
I was pieced together by heaven's mercy and spells of wintery abyss.
An elaborated ornament I was to this human life and the alien stars,  
what a fool I was to be trapped between shallow world and salvation!  
But one day you came by, and I paused, and sang a two-line prayer,
Somewhere between the two lines stood Love’s grand Departure Gate,
there everyone with boarding passes in hand, and good faith in heart, 
waiting impatiently in a long dreadful line, uttering the name of God.
And I, a dainty traveler long lost her God and got in life's wrong train, 
if you insisted on asking who I am, at least I arrived the right terminal,
where I snatch the cottonwood gown and wear sun as my mighty shawl. 
Out of my windows, my dearest, can you see that you are my terminal?