Like the cottonwoods decorating sweet dreams outside my window,
Demure in summer verdant gown and gleam in fall tangerine hues,
I was pieced together by heaven's mercy and spells of wintery abyss.
An elaborated ornament I was to this human life and the alien stars,  
what a fool I was to be trapped between shallow world and salvation!  
But one day you came by, and I paused, and sang a two-line prayer,
Somewhere between the two lines stood Love’s grand Departure Gate,
there everyone with boarding passes in hand, and good faith in heart, 
waiting impatiently in a long dreadful line, uttering the name of God.
And I, a dainty traveler long lost her God and got in life's wrong train, 
if you insisted on asking who I am, at least I arrived the right terminal,
where I snatch the cottonwood gown and wear sun as my mighty shawl. 
Out of my windows, my dearest, can you see that you are my terminal?

Poet’s Journal

I recently suffered a significant investment loss when the financial institute I invested in suddenly fell out. Several other investors at our support conference confessed to me that the our shared financial loss had hit them hard and curiously asked how I was taking it. Well, though unlike many others, I was not the big lenders who lost millions, I lost a sizeable amount in proportion to what I had. Yet strangely, I still drink my Moringa tea in the morning, still go to work, still dance gladly, and still sleep well at night…..Nothing changes much except my brain tells me that we need to start all over again and we are the experts.

The Chinese have an ancient proverb that says, “Lost and tragedy might very well be the fortune in disguise”. And I only know it too well. Admittedly, I was not a lucky girl growing up, but who can say that I am not a blessed woman? In fact, I am the A+ student in the course called “life”. 🤪😎

Many blessings to all of you, my dear friends and readers☘️! I will be back soon!

Posted by:Annabel

Just a woman who writes her heart out, unapologetically……