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The Rhyme of Forgiveness

To those who from Heaven above,
I beseech for your support and blessings.
To those who from Earth underneath,
I plea for your justice and benevolence.

To those whom I have loved,
I forgive myself for all the passing times in
which I wasn’t able to offer comfort and companionship.
I understand now that it wasn’t my own making,
but coming from a place of suffering.
I am grateful for your existence,
Now I release you in love.

To those who have loved me,
I pray for your forgiveness for all the passing times
in which I inflicted pain and distress to your kindness.
Your love has redirected me towards that eternal lights,
I wish fervently with all my heart that
you be honored and loved till the end of your days.
Now I release you in love.

To my ancestors, who nearly destroyed my life,
I forgive you for forcing your miseries onto me,
I forgive your violence, hatred, and revengefulness.
for I’ve understood the root of your suffering,
as now my heart filled with compassion and pity.
I know you never asked for forgiveness and will never do,
But I truly forgive you all.
Now I release you in love.

And this day, solemnly yet most joyfully,
I forgive myself,
I forgive my past imprudence,
I forgive my past impulses,
I forgive the life I had to live.

Now I embrace the little girl I once was,
Innocent and untarnished.
oh, my dear friends,
when I saw she and I ran away together,
I nearly screamed out loud,
It was like...
It was like seeing us take a leap into space,
and finally,
finally live a life of our own creation.....

12 thoughts on “The Rhyme of Forgiveness

    1. Thank you for appreciating this older post of mine, Jeff !! 🥳🤗pls pardon my late response (I’ve been preparing moving of town)🙏😃

      I am so happy to know this poem reached your heart ❤️! You are very kind 🥂🥰

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