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Till I Found You

Can you believe- by an effort
that comforts our hindered hearts:
That day you sat beside, 
I thought you were beautiful. 

Glisten as silver, your eyes sparkled
flowing above that simmering river.
Like a rose come tip-toe out of bud,
I saw the man's soul steal in his eyes,
And wide in ecstasy I sat and listened,
The unknown flower issued magic-wise.

Noble as gold, your heart simple and true,
beating within thousands curious attempts.
Like a boat on private shores, awaiting,
for a fairy-wind to ship out incessant treasures.
And deep in ecstasy I sat and listened,
The unknown star glistered flaring-poise.

The sky was then green wine held up in the sun,
The moon was a pale-pink pearl in between. 
As I stood in silhouette against the window,
For once more, I listened,
The rustling of rain drips, unfolding white crystal petals,
and the winter sonata hymned, frozen in the open air.
Unknowingly, it was you,
who have swung me back to my true cradle. 

Can you believe- without an effort
to mend a fragile night's illusive shadow.
In my eyes, 
Dear, you are always beautiful.   





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