He was mesmerized by the poem 'Annabel Lee',
So he named me 'Annabel', as Papa's Sweetie,
Even when Granny call it all was nothing, but 'American hippie'.
Prophetic tragedy as it might seemed,
Me and Annabel Lee stood nothing in common,
except the unhappy half-in-heaven sort of daemon,
bound to be engulfed by nights' darkened hegemon. 

A man of high sophistication, of compassion,
Why would he picked a line of such useless sentiment?
I doubted him, and that of the 'Annabel Lee' enfranchisement.
And till this day,
I am more of sure,
Me and Annabel Lee stood nothing in common,
As I, a destined rebel; she, a dead poetic marble. 

Me and Annabel Lee....
I flipped to the back page of my birth book,
there he wrote:
"Be loved with a love that is more than love,
there I shall name thy 'Annabel', my fave."

Then, he was the gone weaver,
And now, he is the gone forever....
father and daughter






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Posted by:Annabel

Just a woman who writes her heart out, unapologetically……

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