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Lily The Bird

Lily The Bird 🐦,
Cheerful her chirping,
Daredevil her spirit,
Sometimes flirty,
Sometimes lofty,
Sometimes hasty,
Sometimes naughty.
I marveled at such a dainty creature!

Lily The Bird 🐦,
slightly chubby, big eyes sparkling,
Utterly uninhibited, tiny head demanding,
Special charm has been my Lily,
Oh, please,
“Serve me that Sweet milk 🥛 
alongside French almond croissant 🥐”
Lily has got her choice of morning appetizers.
What a posh lady she must have been,
before this life of a remarkable bird!
Wild bird


Final note:

Lily is the wild bird that I’ve gotten rather attached to, and I named her “Lily” ( same name as my first cousin 😜).

Everyday, many birds fly by my balcony and they all look the same if we don’t pay close attention. However, as I sat down quietly and observed them one morning, I was amazed to discover that each one of them has its distinct physiognomy. Some have bigger eyes, some have longer or shorter bodies….

They even have different character traits. Some are very timid and easily get startled by the slightest sound, some are always in a rush ( grab food and go). Lily is the one has the most interesting character. She is surprisingly bold and childlike. 😅🐦

Unlike her other peers, she loves to stay beside me for a long time and get as close as she can. There was one time she slowly walked on top of the book I was reading and stared at me right in the eyes 👀. Sometimes I get to pat her gently if her is in the mood. 😋 Wow, I guess I’m going to miss her very much once I leave this beautiful country for a new horizon😄. And the time is counting down……






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