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Heading Home

Bid me be silent, bid me to conceal,
Secrecy has been a duty to me.
I could reveal my heart absolute,
But Fate doesn’t wish it to be.

The sun’s bright path, outshining my delicate sorrow,
Dark nights fade away, delivering to sky another tomorrow,
The marble stone cracking exposed its magnificence at last,
And yields Earth spring from hidden mines.

How millions of us drift dumbly,
Through life, our hearts scarcely known,
Floating here and there, and aimlessly,
Seeking “Likes” and “follower”, afraid of oneself,
Fleeing unexpected pain, without hope.

Second-handed people, Pitiful child,
Only offered the opposite narrative of humanity,
A prose of high sophistication,
Of distorted emancipation,
written to amuse those already slaughtered hearts. 
The dramas on,
Malignant insolence, triumphed the natural prudence,
Amplified noise, overshadowed your inner voice.
You always know,
There is a better home.

Storms make trees take deeper root,
Mankind’s greatest strength lies not in the flight.
Now, Summon some courage to the fight,
Unembarrassed, gaze the storms in its open light,
Pivotal moments of transformation undergone, trust,
Let the storms ascend you, to that of eternal delight.

And as long as you lack this
True faith: Die and Become!
You’ll remain a dismal guest
In Earth’s darkened room.

Depart, My heart is heading home.
Go home, light in the dark






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