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And life, by nature, is the most lavish feast,
painted four seasons combined with five senses,
bewitching skies and sweet gardens be my faves,
but they are plain without a home and some love. 
Can I buy a Heaven's mansion like the gods have?
I'd plant dulcet Narcissus and sip summery dews,
dance every cloud then comb my hair in long hours,
Rosy blushes, as coral beads, I would delight to wear,
About my neck, garnish moon pendants for each ear,
with veins embroidered in gold threads of languor,
A free spirit guided by kind and steady heartbeats,
care not worldly dangers, neither sins nor swords. 
Yet all is in demise till in my reflection I find love,
converse with Narcissus we spoke pains of lost self,    
All those seasons and senses I suffered and endured,
They taught terrible tales of an empty home bestowed,
and thus with nothing else left to lose, why not lead the 
remaining dance with Youth, Mirth, Love and Content? 


23 thoughts on “Narcissus

  1. Whether dancing in long skirt on stage or in a blanket of snow, you’re an angel, Annabel, a beautiful woman who carries herself with elegance and grace, as lovely as the heart from which your poetry arose. ✍🏼🌹💃❄️😇💕

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    1. Thank you for your kindness and firm support, Phil!😄 your beautiful compliment is well-received and appreciated, though I am still thriving to meet the best version I can be😂😋.

      Enjoy the rest of your lovely week, my friend! ☕️🏡

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  2. Your poems and prose are not to be rushed, Annabel. Like a beautifully choregraphed dance, they are to be enjoyed when the moment is quiet, free of distractions. Thank you for your contribution to the arts, lovely poetess. 💐

    This line is so dreamy ~ 🥰
    “I’d plant dulcet Narcissus and sip summery dews”

    I am sorry to read you are having frustrations in your dance community. I commend you for being true to yourself and hope that your time there will be short-lived and that you find a more suitable match for your grace, poise, and style.

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    1. Your words are full of kindness and warmth, dear Michele! I am very moved by your comments. Thank you for taking the time reading my humble poems🥰

      There indeed has been some tension under quite water regards to how dance can better suit the current academic/social agenda. And sadly, the ‘straight woman type’ is always the first one to be crucified🥺😂, (never by the audiences, but radical idealism/propaganda) …

      I appreciate your encouragement and will stay true to myself.🙏🥰

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      1. You are most welcome. 😊 I would not describe your poems as humble. They are well-crafted with a sophisticated and insightful style.

        I have observed the same type of attitude in the writer world at the collegiate level, although I have not been personally affected by its presence, like you have. Stay strong! 💪🏼💃🏻 Happiness and health to you! 🤗 💖

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      2. You’re one of the kindest ladies on earth, dear Michele!💕 Reading your comments always enough to make my days bright and pleasurable!

        I’m sad to learn that such attitude is also found in the writer world and glad it hasn’t affected you. Hope we can be back to normal soon😅. Send hugs to you!🤗🥰

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  3. Ahh , Annabel, you will find your home once you find your love, or maybe love will find you when you create warm and beautiful place and settle down. In times like this you need strength. Your art is ancient, full of traditions and I am sure you know how to defend it. Politics rules over everything but people like you can develop the art and pass it to new generations. I am with you.

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    1. Thank YOU so much, dear friend! I am touched by your kindness and encouragement! You words have put a big shining smile on my cheeks.👩🏻‍🦰😃

      I indeed felt a bit disheartened by the current circumstances, but I was shocked even more by such attitude😅…. It makes everything better knowing you are with me 🥂👍🥳

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