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I Hope You Dance Like Wind

Your smiling, or the contemplation of such,
is the wondrous life force of the airy earth,
Lucent as shadows slowed by wading moonlights,
teaches the leaves to pause in cascading languors,
And the wood nymphs now must sing and strive to dream.

Their hair like willows diffuse the rhythmic monotones,
Their gaze towards silken river and ebullient sea shores,
Can time heal the fearful and smooth the cloudiness of your soul? 
To delight is rise from terrible tales with overwhelming compulsion:
This time, I hope you dance like wind, my dear…


Poet’s Notes:

This week has been rather eventful for me; therefore, today’s post is short, but hopefully sweet too 💕. I would also like to share a brief solo dance video of me dancing in the studio. It’s a set of autobiographical movement improvisation phrases.

I have tentatively named this piece I Hope You Dance Like Wind and wrote the above corresponding poem afterwards. Note that this dance piece is now nowhere near the final and I will keep developing it over the next few weeks. Hopefully, I will be able to post the final performance. Thank you all for reading and visiting!🥳🥂

47 thoughts on “I Hope You Dance Like Wind

  1. Beautiful poetic prose, dear Annabel, and your dance was truly magnificent! 💯💫 Your flowing movements are so graceful, poised and with balance, at times like a delicate breeze and then again with an energy of exuberant expression. 💃✨ I love the name of your poem and dance, my friend. You are a strong and lovely woman ~ poetry in motion. 💕

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    1. Thank you always for being so generous of your kind words, Phil! 🙏🥳 you are a dancer’s dream critic! I couldn’t have put into words of my movement phrases the way you’ve so beautifully written..

      I am delighted to know that you liked the poem and the dance. It certainly helps to keep developing my choreography 🥂🥳 Thank You!

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      1. I love that and I love tea. It is finally cooling off enough to have a warm tea. 🥰 You know it is my pleasure. I love your work and your beautiful heart. Wish we were closer, you could teach me some (modified) dance routines. 😊 Enjoy your work and your week. 🤗 💐

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      2. Oh, yes, it would be wonderful if we were closer, Michele💕. I’m sure you have your own delicious movement routines as you are also a lovely dancer🥰🥳.

        Mine looks like this: a cup of Tea- 10 minutes meditation- 20 minutes yoga – 30 minutes ballet bar- finally dance wildly 🤪😬😂.

        Tea is a necessity🍵🤪!
        Thank You, Michele 💗

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      3. Who knows, maybe that will happen one day. 😊 Ahhh, you know just what to say to make my dancer heart delight. You know movement brings me great joy, without any stress attached to it. I spend more time free-dancing than I do learning new NIA routines, but letting the music take us where it wants to is so enjoyable. As you know. 💖 I haven taken bar classes before (precovid) – that is my last interaction with a bar. 😂 It was a fantastic workout! Ballet classes were many moons ago. 😆 I meditate in the morning w/sunrise and I am drinking tea right now. 😊 Enjoy your week beautiful and graceful dancing poet. 💗

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      4. I love the idea meditating with sunrise! Although doubtful if I can rise that early with sun😅🤪, haha… you have a beautiful free dancing soul.

        I also find free dancing very pleasant without requirements to fulfill and that’s what I do at home 🏡 . But out of home, I am required to make projects with clear definition purposes and write proposals before ever dancing anything. And after the performance, there will be papers to write for justification of that dance😂😅😬

        One day I shall get myself out of this scholarly type of dance and just free dancing in the woods🤪😃😬. Thank you, Michele💕 loved to chat with you!! 🥳🥰🌸

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      5. I do love greeting the rising sun. 🥰 Thank you, Annabel, for greeting me with a comment that nourishes my soul.✨ Your structured dance life is similar to how my writing life was until two years ago. Structured writing expectations as a student and teacher for many years. It is a long awaited joy to finally allow my heart to structure the words.💗 Each phase is part of the journey and I would not trade any of it, nor do I have any regrets. I am proud of my academic accomplishments and cherish my years in the HS classroom. I will always be a teacher, but it has evolved and will continue to. Enjoy the journey, your structured creative process. 🩰 ✍🏼 💖

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      6. Thank you so much for such lovely words, Dear Michele! 💗Pls pardon the late response (I am not sure how I missed it previously😅)

        It’s so true as you said that structured creativity has its certain value and it’s all a journey. And not to mention that it provides me the scholarly insights of my field💕

        Very happy to have you stopped by and have a wonderful rest of your week!🥳🥂🌸


    1. Oh, I am quite delighted to have you visited and left your lovely words! 🥰 much obliged to your kind comments and glad to have been connected with you 🥳👍!


    1. Thank you for reading, viewing, and leaving this kind message, Brian!🙏🥰 I am currently working on finding my own artistic voice as a dancer and bringing poetry in motions.

      Glad to hearing feedback from you! Thank you!

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  2. Yes Indeed! Simply elegant, graceful and beautiful! A spiritual expression flowing in movement. I was captured! You are enchantment with a depth of words and dance. Your therapy to the world because you share it and essential expression of daring to overcome for your very self. I toss roses on your dance floor and send cheers that reach the heavens.

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    1. Wow, thank you so much for your kind and very beautiful words!! I love lots roses 🌹 and cheers 🥳🥳!

      You message to me is such an inspiration and encouragement, and I am blessed by your every word!🥰🙏🥂

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    1. Thank you so much for your good words! Instead of being brave, it’s just part of the ‘job requirement’ as I am a trained professional dancer in real life (not a professional

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