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A Beautiful Passerby

There is the pausing silence in my prayers,
and the quietness of falling leaves landing on my breath,
As I reach out my limbs to be showered by earliest dawn lights,
she sends me away with the coldest scorn and the gentlest breeze!
Yet my feet are restlessly undisturbed, 
matching still, in meaningless tandem. 

There is the terrifying freedom when I spinning like an untamable child,
A fervent heart leaping forward to across and attempt the formidable abyss,
and not understanding how I have grown into an over-dignified woman.
An over-dignified woman? Who can define one without a second thought?
The mystery of the hearts is like the mystery of the seasons,
We’re awed by its changing beauty yet lost blindly in that beloved forms.

But can you see, my friends,
There is a Psyche in every woman.
She's been tossed to the death mountain, danced a hermit's path,
Ancient blood flows in her every vein and shadows her every turn,
and those sideway glances, too good and pure to be understood...
When unseen clouds shift out of this humanly world,
When not a soul lies in earth's meadows weeping wild,
It's only then, she'll join the force of sun's flaming arrow,
waltz into untroubled Greenland and sing herself into an angel:

May the sun rise to shine a thousand tomorrow,
May the sky glimmer to shield the slightest sorrow,
the past is a beautiful passerby,
not a settler....

Poet’s Note:

As I was packing up and getting ready to move towards the next stage of my journey, I accidentally discovered some very old pictures that reminded me all these passing years of an extraordinary journey (lived in 5 different countries, 3 continents, crossing oceans again and again). No, this wasn’t a fun-loving girl or a sophisticated traveler, she was just….afraid to go home…

High school girl
College years
A senior college student

Dear Friends, how was your ten years?

22 thoughts on “A Beautiful Passerby

    1. Very kind of you, Ananda! I actually haven’t done anything special, perhaps less is more?!😂😅🥰 Thank you for reading and commenting, glad to have you here!🙏🤗


  1. Beautiful words, and so to your photographs 🌹 Clearly, time is your friend. May your blessings be as the sun, a warm light to shine upon each journey through all seasons 🙏😊

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    1. Thank you so much for your charming words, Phil🤗 loved when you said’…to shine upon each journey through all season.’ May your beautiful wish be the living truth for each one of us!!🥰🍹🏝

      Thanks again for swinging by!🥂

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  2. I read this several times and returned again to read. I was too awe struck to comment. 🤪🥳The beauty of your flow within the context of things yet to come, A future that is better than the past and a present reflection is the exterior beauty is the same, while the interior battle has changed. But a Angel you shall be.
    You are an Angel now, without wings, that needs to be grounded, that you may remain a blessing unto us and grow in your own divinity.
    Many wish for such a life, but do not know the cost….only of what it looks like from a distance.

    Yes you are a butterfly, but you have a wasp stings. 🥳🌹
    yes you are beautiful when you smile for the camera, but your strength knows your pain.

    This poem again is too profound and awesome. I have been captured by your words and your beauty…🥰 but it is the song that moves your feet when there is trouble that I long to hear.🥳🌹

    I never intended for this to be this long! I apologize…😃🤪

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    1. Thank YOU so much for your beautiful and kindest comments. I read it a few times, too😃🥳.

      Those lines are heart-touching, inspiring, and words of lights. I am very grateful for your support and fondness. And yes, many dragon battles, many rainy days, many wrong turns and many dead-ends finally lead to the bright path today. The past has served us well in her own way!💕🙏

      Honestly, I only feel like ‘a bit of Angle’ when I speak truth, for myself and for others who walked a similar path.😅😇 Not sure if anyone ‘wish such a life’, and it deed costs too much as I am still finding my way back to Love, to God…💕

      Thank you again for being here, for hearing, for your compassion and tender words!! 🙏🥂 I send my most sincere gratitude to you !🤗🌸

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      1. that is a powerful recognition and perspective. I have to meditate on “the past has served us well in her own way” poetic & profound🙏 I too can resonate with wrong turns and dead ends. That why I am so grateful for each day, because I been given a chance to get what I got wrong right today.

        Sometime, a angel just shows up and others feel better or feel like they can make it. Sometime, we do not know the value of our own presence. How we see ourselves and how others see us.
        Nevertheless, it is humbling to be recognized as such or to mean something positive in someone’s life, even while we battle dragons or stand in the rain willfully.

        Annabel, you are most welcome,💕 again it is a pleasure and a privilege to converse with you.🥂🥰 send a virtual hug your way!

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      2. Beautiful lines you wrote and your virtual hug gratefully received!🙏😃

        I totally understand the issue of ‘not knowing our own values’ and it often stems from how we were treated by those around us. And oftentimes, it only takes one person or some kind words to restore our self worth. Even that, for many, this ‘angel’ seems far away…

        Very Lucky to have you here!! Your unflinching support and kindness are precious gifts 🤗🥂. So few are capable of these now…it takes courage and lots of self-worth 💗


      1. You’re most welcome, my dear friend! I’ve thought about and missed you, and I hope that everything is coming together during your busy move. Thank you for your kind words 🌷
        Your presence is always a blessing, and I continue to believe that there’s no better way to start the day, then with a smile from Annabel 😇

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      2. Thank you so much, Phil! Moving is always stressful and I am grateful that my neighbours have helped me a lot with the move. I am finally ready for my New York vacation, haha!

        Your kindness is always outstanding! Many thanks, Phil!

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