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Nameless Joy

My heart beating rhythmless, swiftly to arise!
Faster even than thought it was done.
starring evening cradled tender earth beneath,
And night hung over the mountain cone.
Already peeking at early dawn lights,
Springtime’s rose-beauty glow, it shone
upon about lovely faces, lit
brightly for me to praise!

From a river of clouds the Moon lingered,
Sadly out of maidens’-shape about her,
The winds sway soft wings, and strayed
Around my terror-stricken fears:
The night had sired a thousand tigers.
But this time my spirit upheld lively:
Deep inside my veins what fire!
Yet deep my heart spun what satire!

Although between heartbeats 
there concealed a tearful gaze,
Among fleeting moments 
often revealing unknown bliss,
Yet what joy to be alive!
and to love what happiness!
Only a folly mind cannot see
What nameless joys that brings.....

14 thoughts on “Nameless Joy

    1. Thank you, dear Michele! I appreciate your kind words 😘❤️ I’m only trying to find a sensible way to express the often subtle and fragile side of a woman’s emotion. 😄

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      1. Your inputs are truly encouraging, sweet Michele! 😘 Women poets often have to bravely face the very vulnerable part of our hearts. And you certainly know that better🥂😃

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Wow beautiful words from a beautiful person, your so amazing, your a woman who has beauty on the inside and outside herself, your the perfect woman, very best of luck and happiness now and in the future 🙏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, thank you so much for your kind words and beautiful wishes! You just make my day brighter😄🙏🤩
      Sending much gratitude and wishing you all the abundance life has to offer🥳🥂

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