I have been a woman
for a long time,
where there’s a rose there’re thorns
so beware my smile
I am treacherous with old Magic
So beware my passion
they are comedic rage with burning flames

Be aware my pride, they’re untouched by blood
unrelenting as the curse of love
determined, rise again and again
above the weary and the mundane
undefined by birth,nor divinity

Surely an honest woman is not always sweet
I too, have shocking words to say
but keep’em safe-guarded in my living vein
till next dawn blooms, I rise again to conquer fate.
Yet as for the present,
I have wisely known this world well.
What is a tragedy to her,
is a comedy to them.

but promised
I am a woman,
and don’t doubt my courage,
I’ll match for any man.

Posted by:Annabel

A Dancer, choreographer, A researcher who specializes in Religious Dance and Ritual Performance Study. My blog is the notepad of my consciousness in the modern era we live and a witness of my unique journey on earth, in the cosmos.

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