Taking in this moment,
Let go of some sentiment,
Look gleefully with the innocent eyes of a perky bird,
Breathe gently with the calming scents of a verdant oak,
Play freely with the fun-loving presence of a racy child,
Bloom proudly with the sun-loving radiance of a zesty dahlia.
And most importantly,
remember who you were before this human journey.

If you are lost, 
you are not alone,
we will be lost together.
If you are pleased,
show it to the world,
We will be beaming together.

A beautiful life!
Albeit in humanhood, 
we all stumble,
In true love, 
we all belong....
photo of heart shaped balloon





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Posted by:Annabel

A Dancer, choreographer, A researcher who specializes in Religious Dance and Ritual Performance Study. My blog is the notepad of my consciousness in the modern era we live and a witness of my unique journey on earth, in the cosmos.

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