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On Trial–(A Satire)

Welcome to the Supreme Court of Humanity!
We welcome the bravests
among us to file lawsuits,
But first we must warn you the rules absolute:

Safety and acceptance are always pre-exclude,
Appraisal, opprobrium shouldn't catch you out of blue.
Tell us your distress and ordeals, 
we will put you on the auto trials,
In front of the jury invincible pals,
please, your claims and stories must be streamlined,
your sentiment and tears are needed to be justified,
Our verdict will decide whether you shall be exiled. 

Oh, the service fee? 
It just costs a bit of your self-esteem,
And if we invalidate your life experiences,
Then, expect some self-doubts,
and ask yourself why you seek to voice up
in the first place.

Remember, before you heading out,
consider joining the next jury and duty out,
Support our courtroom legacy and carrying out. 

That’s it!
Welcome to the Supreme Court of Humanity!
We wish you all good luck....

Note: Millions have chosen to suffer in oblivion, afraid of our mighty courts!! We are all better off wearing the masks from the inside-out.

people protesting on a street
black chalkboard with inscription on black background

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