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A Vision in Evanescence

In my restless dreams I walked alone,
through empty halls to the golden woods where autumn bloom.
Beneath the grey icy water, 
I saw a vision glitter,
then my reflection dissolved,
into million particles of neon lights,
lit up the diamond sky while you tenderly sighed.

There I came flying,
to the faraway kingdom with hopes are high,
and the warm grassland where dreams painted lime,
life be a cup of mimosa infused with sweet wine,
Oh, I loved how the prissy hibiscus decorated my velvet night.

Although the lightening sky deprived every visible sign,
the thunderstorm overstayed like an intrusive Wight,
We gazed calmly side by side, what an infinite delight!
I cried!

Now, the vision has faded away,
in evanescence, and without a trace.
Then I realise how I have missed you often, my friend,
since the day we parted,
in evanescence, and without a cease.
miss you in my vision







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6 thoughts on “A Vision in Evanescence

  1. As lovely as you are, Annabel, somehow I find you even more beautiful when I read your poetry. I can only imagine being near you, hearing you speak…oh, my. You are such a talented writer, and tonight I will dream in reflection of neon lights and warm velvet. Have a lovely Tuesday, my dear. 🤗🌹🥳🥂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. How lovely to hear from you after a long day rehearsal at the theatre, Phil! Your kindness is as extraordinary as always and I find myself quite flattered by your charming words…

      And I just posted a new video. check it for your entertainment when you’re free, lol!!

      Liked by 1 person

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