It's terrifying to step out the bounds of our lives,
To step away from those limits we once believed,
from friends we cherished,
but sometimes we must.

Sometimes God has a different path for us,
One that feels impossible,
for we must leave so much behind.
One that feels lonely,
for no one sees the scars throbbing inside.
Being honest to ourselves is often the most painful path,
One we failed to acknowledge,
One we were made to be ashamed of,
so we hide and flight,
over and over,
repeat the infamous Merry-Go-Round.

And we mustn't blame ourselves,
for building walls and castles around us,
for shutting off emotions and feelings,
for assuring ourselves that we needed no one. 
Strong fortresses,
were once a necessity and the only remedy left,
to survive in a cruel world.

But sometimes the bravest thing we can do
is to admit that we are not strong enough,
Let those love us shoulder the burden
and support them, too. 
As a wise man once said,
'Be kind,
 As everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about.'






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Posted by:Annabel

Just a woman who writes her heart out, unapologetically……

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