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Motherland, A Sorrow Home

Hijacked by Fate, she brought me there.  I was sired and weaned in a Motherland, where I was not suppose to be, where a new identity was given, and where a wronged story began.....

In a tropic world, ruled by year-round sultry summers and visited often by typhoon and storms, I knew the palm trees and banana leaf, mango and Lychee; I knew the songs of birds and the whispers of winds, ever so softly, they meant to comfort a lonely child's fragile soul, tenderly.

I imaged those coconuts crowned me their Queen, the warm skies and gulf blue streams attended to my every whim.  I once belonged with the aroma of fresh pine, with the trail of coon, and the spring growth of wild Jasmine.

I often sat beside the cotton fields, ran freely among sugarcane.  I wanted to dance along with waves and plea the God of sea send me a ship.  And stubbornly, I refused to swim, for in case of my desperation, the ocean couldn’t succeed at drowning me.  Restless music was in my heart and I was eager to be gone. 

South Island, birds' playground, lovers' paradise, heaven of all heavens, beauty of all beauties....... And a sorrow home!  Engraved was that distorted melody beating in my every bone, circulating in my every vein.  How long will the gangs of hatred, the hounds of hostility, and the maids of tyranny keep me from embracing the real me?  

And last night, sweet dreams brought me back to that same rooftop near her sea, where a little girl secretly laid and prayed, with that same innocent eyes, coy smiles, silence tongue, and a spirit chained by a bitter heart.  There, she murmured to me quietly: ‘is it possible to forgive and forget?’

And I know her well.  She was sired and weaned in a Motherland, where she was not supposed to be, where she tried all her years to flee, and where an extraordinary journey began......








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