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A New Ambition

With all those false Ambitions, what had I done?
Little with Passion, and least of all with Love; 
Yet they came unsought, and shocked my core.
Made me all, but a fragile stranger in their world.
Yet, this was not the end I did pursue,
Certainly, I once beheld a nobler cause.
But all is over, 
I am no more,
In need to address what millions had battled before.

As to the present,
I see the sea gleam, and the sweet waves glitter:
Lively sails crossing it, with soft caressing of wind.
Over all the hill-tops, is Rest,
In all the tree-tops, You can feel
How sacredly a breath!
The little birds quiet in the leaves,
Fresh autumn give birth to my new ambitions.

Ever so merry,

I’d squander some morning hours baking my Spinach Soufflé,
While dancing out, beside that kitchen counter;

Indulge some afternoons with teatimes and lady talk,
While fashioning my garden, with nature’s glamour;

Contemplate a daisy’s broom and wither,
While under oak trees, with kiddos, playing soccer;

Sighting sunset dissolves before its observer,
Perhaps, at night, write some harmless poems about lover.

A new ambition,
live to the wonders of this life,
Mixing in some rapture,
Filled with luminous leisure.

Don’t judge me too hash,
You’re welcome to join in if not so rush!🤪






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