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Pleasant Fate

Sometimes human life seems a pleasant fate:
The day so sweet, the night so great!
And, in that enchanted Paradise, settle down,
We’ve scarce begun to admire the heavenly sun,
So Charming, like that of psychedelic baroque,
Sucked me into its brilliant ray.
Till, When the sun leads to sunburn,
Love leads to “will you learn?”
When all at once our own confused endeavour
Conflicts with our own self, and then the other:
Nothing is complementary, as we’d wish.
Now, threatening the price of my betrayal,
Reminding sordid sins of my farewell.
How could I fall back to sleep well,
when truth proved to be not so well?
It darkens outside when inside it’s bliss,
A bright exterior’s hidden from our gaze,
Joy is near – yet no one knows its face.
Destiny is close - yet no one tells my fate.
Inner child -fate





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