Annabel is your etiquette coach and consultant in this unique blog.

She has lived her life in a peculiar way. As the daughter of a former diplomat, she has traveled the world with her beloved papa, experienced the wondrous culture delight, and enjoyed the refinements of modern civilization.

Stamped forever by her grandfather’s influences on her, who had served as a military general, Annabel’s view and advice on the Practice of Modern Etiquette has a sharp masculine edge, a strategic purpose, together blend in with her feminine spirit.

Annabel is a practitioner of the modern etiquette, who holds a BA degree in Dance/ Performing Art Management and MA in Art History, and is delighted to share her world with all of you.

She is also the hostess of her own literary salon in Kent, England. A hostess who has unhealthy interest in history, war, and philosophy.

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