In vain I flaunted the poetic names of Byron sort,
And cited those Shelleys we now worship no more, 
for Fate has her own say and God must have his way,
So dearest, hold tight and see my truths interplay: 
Of all examples by the shallow world I'd confess,
I know pearls, heavenly stars, and you be the best,
Who, with a master soul called for the next throne,
Will bring orders and resume faith not for his own.
Although to write my praise of you is an easy poem,
little you know that I've cared much as you for me:
I am content when you beautifully succeed and excel, 
know the treasure in you holds the chants of Holy Grail. 
May the old woe be shuffled off this mortal soil,
May the wintry spring be refilled with genteel guile,
The prize will be yours and the pride be mine.
To the last syllable of past frets and dismay, 
I thank you for being so strong and wonderful.   

Posted by:Annabel

Just a woman who writes her heart out, unapologetically……

25 replies on “To A Friend

  1. Beauty is an understatement! Your eloquence in transcription of emotions to word, of love and gratitude, a pleasing flow for ones eyes on warm currents of heartfelt poetic expression. May your thankfulness reach the source intended, and, like the spring anew, your days ahead blossom bountifully. You’re a very gifted and lovely woman, dear Annabel, and I wish for you great joy and many blessings this new year. 🌺​🦋​🌞

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    1. Heartfelt gratitude to you, Phil! Your kindness and generosity are beautifully reflected in your person and your words🙏😃. To read your comments is a lovely treat and you shred lights around right from the first week of new year! 🎊🌸

      May happiness and joy keep you busy every day and looking forward to your new creations in 2020!🥳🥂

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      1. Both kind and sweet the words you’ve written, my friend Annabel ~ thank you very much! 🤗🌹 And, I think you mean 2022, rather than 2020 😅🥳🥂

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  2. Annabel, you are an absolute treasure. Your grace, beauty, movement, and poetic pen are a gift to this world. Thank you for sharing with us. 🙏🏻 💐💖 I know that life is very busy for you, but I hope that you publish a poetry collection someday and of course, getting your work published beyond your blog would be wonderful too! No pressure, just encouragement from an adoring fan.

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    1. Wow, such a warm and beautiful encouragement from a beloved and published poetess, dear Michele!💗 I am honored by your friendship and moved by your loving kindness🥰….

      And yes, a poetry collection will come out when the time is right. You’ve handed me much strength, dear Michele! Many many thanks💕

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  3. This is poetic treat!🤗 I read this 3 times! The beauty and sincerity found in each line is a welcoming thought. Yes Indeed, like a graceful dance, your words moved and moved me! I have been captured again and do not want to be set free!🌹🥳
    To a friend indeed and the provision that erupts from the heart! peace, love and endearment🙏🏻💐

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    1. Your comments always move me greatly, Tony! 🎈🌸 I am honoured by such God-sent kindness. 🙏🌸 I danced through a dark valley, but I am now meeting the lights and heavenly beauty in the end thanks to all of you…

      Your kindness and appreciation are of priceless blessings to me! 🍻 👩🏻‍🦰

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