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Twilight Vignette

Here comes the surrender,
to the rest of our days,
When the fading song that lingers,
can be contented with twilights’ caress,
and calms the rains on my bewildered face…
I am searching for the faraway Greenland of peace,
where I might lie beside autumn’s demure rivercrest, 
dancing wild, shout in remorse and cry at ease,
with vigorous lime and lemongrass among Freya’s daisies.

The clouds travel above and fly me through,
Let others sing foolishly of Kings and Knights,
With ancient accents and untimely words of trophies.
what’s Suffice is the serene verses in your fair eyes,
Where we care no more what tomorrow or Heaven leads,
Tears are pearls in disguise which your love sheds.

I will feel and believe,
I might weep and grieve,
Embracing still clouds in vain,
Tormenting nights with days’ disdain,
Dearest, this human life is a challenge,
Yet we accepted the thorn for Love’s sage.

A Journey Forward:

I have spent the last few weeks adjusting to my new life in Philadelphia, USA. There are many unexpected difficulties, as well as unexpected blessings.

What I’m frustrated with my current surroundings are the disharmony and rushes of the city. people don’t seem to live a life here but merely get by. That makes me regret my choice of coming to Philly instead of accepting the invitation from another university in Northern California (or even the one in Austria will be much pleasant). Added to this unpleasantness was my 10 luggages (yes, I never travelled light😅) were put in the wrong flight and shipped to Oregon! (I am in desperate need of my belongings, yet Fedex doesn’t seem to concern too much….😬😅🤨)

Nevertheless, I feel truly blessed to have met wonderful people and befriended them, and most unexpectedly, I was much delighted to have a legendary dance scholar as my mentor/advisor. I had heard lots about him before arrival, yet never in my wildest dream I’d anticipate to be able to work with him (and get along so well 😃).

That said, I am determined not to extend my stay and leave Philly next autumn. What happens at this point of my life is that I finally desire strongly to settle down and stop traveling/wandering, which is indeed extraordinary for someone who never allowed herself to commit to anyone or any place. I’m happy with this significant change of mentality and know the past fear had been overcome.

Dear friend Paula has suggested that I settle in Portugal with her and my cousin urged me to move to France where he’d around and take care of me if needed (also for a new start of family reunion). But I am also considering New Zealand for good reasons. We shall see what comes out of it…..🤪😄🥳

Thank you for reading and witnessing my journey along the way💗!

19 thoughts on “Twilight Vignette

  1. Beautiful poetry ✍🏼 from a beautiful woman. 🌺 Thank you for sharing, Annabel, and congratulations on your move. I’ve not been to Philadelphia, though suspect you’d like Knoxville or Nashville, TN much better. Best wishes going forward, my friend. Have a nice week 🙏😊

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    1. Thank you for your kind words and beautiful message, Phil! I haven’t been to Tennessee, but would love to.😃🏝 I guess each state will be different and Philly is just not my type😅😂.
      I appreciate your warm wishes and wish you back all the same!🥳🥂

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  2. Annabel, you sure know how to create an ethereal and imaginative poetic story with incredible imagery. I miss you when you are away. 😊 I am sorry you are having issues with your luggage and are not thrilled with your choice. I wish for you many joyous memories and that the next year goes quickly. Best to you! 💐 💖

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    1. Hi Michele! I miss you too!💕 Thank you always for your kind and constructive comments! You are surely an angel of kindness 💗.
      The luggage issue is frustrating, however, we are making progress to locate the luggages that were sent to Oregon. Luckily, my luggages are all fully insured.😬😄

      Thank YOU for your beautiful wishes and send hugs to you 🤗❤️

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      1. You are most welcome, Annabel, and thank you for that most loving “angel” compliment. 😇 Lost luggage. Frustrating! Hopefully it will be returned to you, quickly. Hugs, light, and love. 💖

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