How fate orchestrates is unfathomable,
I come from ancient ocean another shore,
The god-forsaken soil and the thorny-land,
and you, my friend, the long-known bright world. 

When I am feeling depressed and anxiously sullen,
all you have to do is kindly send me another whisper,
and reveal life’s tenderness in its flesh and breath.

when I am in your presence I feel life is strong,
and will defeat all its enemies and all of mine,
sick logic and puny reasoning are magically cured,
by the perfect symmetry of your courage and persistence,
gives my mind a restful night and a tomorrow to wish.

But have I not told you that I am of a feeble woman?
I once feared life and I am now afraid of pain and rainy day,
the heaven resides in your eyes and the blindness is in mine,
A wound is a self-reporting instrument,
And I sleep with her face under my tongue.
Beneath the mirage of my veil, I’ve only kept my final wish:

We always will be in this life, come what might devilish!
Posted by:Annabel

Just a woman who writes her heart out, unapologetically……

33 replies on “Another Whisper

    1. Your kindness delivered smiles, Jeff!🥰😃 Thank you for appreciating this very ‘womanly’ poem. The conflict/connection duality is a woman’s reality. Isn’t life full of paradox like you suggested ?!😅🥳🥂

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      1. Ah, I am so glad to know that the comment delivered smiles, how lovely, dear Annabel. You’re most welcome, my dear friend. Yes! The world is full of paradox – everywhere we look, in fact. 🤗✨🌺🤗❤️

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  1. A wound is a self-reporting instrument! Wow! 🥳Annabel you have grabbed my imagination and sparked my thought process!🙏😃 yet, your words are a whisper that comforts and reveals I am not alone in the struggle of life nor in the celebration of life💕🥳🌞. Yet, in all situations help is needed! and I found it in the soft breeze that carried the voice of a whisper.
    Even when remembering what is said, brings the person in our presence. You are present now! Wonderful poetry, wonderful word selection that paints a picture, while connecting emotionally. This is outstanding!🥰🥂

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    1. Your comments and kindness are also outstanding!🙏😁 I am happy that my presence is shown through my writing and you are so right, a heart connection brings people together despite the physical distance.

      We are never alone and we are all on our journeys towards healing, truth, and love. That’s the main reason I write this blog.🤪😁

      I appreciate the understanding and warmth in your words 🥂🙏

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      1. We are never alone, kindred spirits remain connected.🥂 Surely, I am glad you started your blog.🤪🥳 Your uniqueness speaks and their is healing, truth (sometime conflicting), and love🥰 found in your writing. 🙏

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      2. I loved it when you wrote: kindred spirits remain connected…🥰🙏 we understand and support one another. Conflicts become trivial when there’s truth, beauty and universal love…Thank you so much for being such a wonderful friend to me!! 🥂😃

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  2. Annabel, you clearly arrived in this lifetime to interpret the world through the language of poetry, and considering that you are a trained dancer, I will broaden that to include the language of artistic beauty, which includes understanding the shadows that dance around us. You have such insight and a command of language. Your poem reminds me of the value of having a connection to someone who supports us. I suppose that can include a passion or anything else that shines a light on our inner strength. Outstanding! 💖

    “And I sleep with her face under my tongue.” ~ wow!

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    1. Dear Michele, thank you so much for your thoughtful comments!💕 your beautiful emphatic heart is a precious gift to me.🥰

      I still wonder often the meaning of my existence since so many things have happened and transformed. 😃🤪And yes, I did find freedom in poetry and feeling the connections is the unmistakable beauty🤗…

      I read your words a few times, Michele. So much intuitive discernment and loving presence …..💗

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    1. John, I’m grateful for your charming words!🥰🙏 It’s comforting to know that my words are worthy of appreciation, esp when they came from the a place of deep vulnerability…..

      You are of a kind-hearted friend, John! Many thanks 🥂

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  3. ocean s child
    timid and mild
    so it may seem
    from a far and on the surface
    dancing ballerina
    star tulle a duex at the bar
    momma boy
    listen s to the forty seven seconds
    his mummy s dead
    and it rang thru his head
    death dances
    for us
    in the sands of time
    no matter how many of them words rhyme

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