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Secret Garden 🪴

When the summer comes we shall meet again, my friend, 
For the woods are brimming in blooms and blowing fresh roses, 
And love is burning diamonds hanging around chestnut trees.
A maiden sits along riverbanks combing her hair, 
it’s where I will sing to you without moment despair, 
And lay my aching weariness upon you lovely glances.

In the living sea of waking dreams,
The merry bees are trampling the pinky threads all season long,
And the goldfinch is brooding on its swarthy mossy nest,
In the ripples of spring water Where reflects my youth,
I'll smile to her eyes and I'll hum softly to her ears,
And not bothered by her sometimes wailing flares…

I long for a greenfield where we never trod,
A place where women never hide or weep,
Despite the nothingness of noise and scorns,
Despite a living-heart neither freed nor prisoned,:
I walk again into the woods and sweetly I pray:

When the summer comes we meet there, my friend!
Untroubling and untroubled is where we lie
This whitethorn bush below—above the velvet sky.

A Quick Note: for the returning readers, some contents of the original posts have been take down as I’m trying to re-arrange my blogging style (I’d like separate the poetry posts from the more causal writings).

28 thoughts on “Secret Garden 🪴

    1. Thank you so much, Jeff!🥳🥂 Both the poem and pics are very low-key just to share moments of experience.😅🤪
      I appreciate your generous comments! Thank you for reading!🙏🤗

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    1. Thank you for your kind words, Sushmita🤗🥰! I love Odissi and had years training for it despite being a Ballerina. This is a rare chance to dance Odissi in a Western dance production.😃💕

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      1. I’m sooo happy to have heard feedbacks from you!💕🙏 Indian classical dances are very feminine and I appreciate this beautiful way of dance🥰.

        Thank YOU, alway! dear Sushmita🌸🍹🥂

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  1. WOW! The poem was wonderful with several great lines. My favorite is: In the living sea of waking dreams! Then I see how you are living life to the fullest with your passion and love for dance. I bet that was a challenge to teach dance over Zoom. I couldn’t image that. However, the princess warrior in you prevail.
    My week consist of working, doing homework for my masters degree. Also, I am in the process of produced a song. It is challenging. I am good with writing the words, but learning to the studio production part. I will chip away at it though.

    Thank You for sharing your week. It put a smile on my face. You are an inspiration! Kudo’s

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    1. Wow, wow!🤗 Thank you for being soooo kind of sharing your week with us!🥳 I feel very happy whenever there’s a sense of relatedness lights up during the days.🥰

      And yes, there’s tons of challenges to rehearse on Zoom, but sometimes even more ‘challenges’ to work with the few ‘tough people’ face to face..😂😂

      How wonderful to know that your Master study has kept you busy and fulfilled!💕 Are your majoring in Music? I have same problem when it comes to the studio production AND esp the technology…😂😂🤪

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      1. Annabel, you have such humor😂 My master is in Business. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services. So I want to be prepared to own and run my own business.
        With the music, I just want to know the basics. then I can send it to the professionals to mix it and finalize it for consumption!

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      2. Haha, it was indeed a hilarious guess I made since you mentioned about song writing.🤪😅

        You choice of major and ambitions are impressive! This actually reminds me our previous discussion about how your writing exuded a sense of leadership and I can see the reasons now easily!🥳🥂 I’ve got a bit of magical intuition😂🥰🤪…

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      3. Yes! you have read my tea leaves😂🤪 or consulted the stars.
        You too are a leader…A Princess Warrior🥰 You are the song I sing, if only I had your feet, I might try and dance🥂 here take my hand and take a chance…Now that would be magical

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      4. I was a teenager back then😃. Unfortunately, I didn’t take them by surprise, instead the world took my by surprise😂😅…

        Looking forward to your dance poem🤗! Thank you so much for a wonderful chitchat🍹🥳!

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  2. Annabel, I am not sure how I missed this, but I am so happy to be reading it now. Your poem read like a beautiful modern-day fairy tale and I LOVE the dance clips. A video of you dancing would be amazing.💐 Lovely either way. A productive and eventful week most definitely! Enjoy and best to you. 💖

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    1. Dear Michele, thank YOU for being so sweet and wonderful! No worries about the technical glitches and it also happened to me several times😂.

      I’m delighted to know that like this post! How lovely to have your feedback as I’m still learning to refine my blogging style so it becomes more relatable and personal.🥰😃

      And yes, I will probably share some short videos down the road! 💕 Send big hugs to you!🤗❤️

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      1. It is truly my pleasure. 💖 There is always something to learn… about blogging, about ourselves. Just be yourself and share what you feel called to share. 🌻 I look forward to short videos when it feels right for you and when you have the time. Life is busy! Hugs and happy vibes to you! 🤗 💃🏼

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      2. Happy vibes received from your beautiful words, Michele!🥳🤗 Thank you for understanding that it’s indeed a lengthy journey to learn about ourselves and open up the inner world!☀️🥰

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    1. Thank you so much for offering such kind words! 💕 I’m much delighted to know that the sentiments of this poem resonated with you.😃

      Lovely to have you here! And you made my day, too💗

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