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Simple Pride

Do you know the land,
where the lemon-trees grow,
Among darkened leaves crimson-lychees glow,
A mellow wind swings from the pale blue sky,
The myrtle stands mute and the oak tree high?

Do you know the house,
It has columns and beams,
There are the hallway gleams and glittering rooms,
Are those marble figures looking at me mockingly?
What have they done to the child of misery?

Do you know those mountains,
The moose picks its way through the misty path,
And dragons in caves raise their ancient brood,
the cliffs are polished, tamed by the flood?

Do you know life,
When the moonflower sprouts and clematis blooming,
And the hummingbirds circle around green sundews, 
When the summertime draws near and sunlights glimmer,
Over the sea, inside the wavelets a sweet voice comes near…

Do you know happiness,
When you blush at the vaguest memory of the beloved,
And you grow, blossom among passionate cherries in that beloved songs,
Being carried away by the gentlest breath of unknown intoxicating ecstasy,
while a subtle embarrassment trembling under moonlights’ watchful eyes?
Oh, and soothing bedtime lavender scents,
The Loveliest last stir….

Do you know my true name?
It’s written in the faraway stars,
illuminating through earth valley and dark mess,
I was once born where spring met river,
I was once raised where heart met fists,
I was once abandoned where twilight met dawn.
Yet as I stumbled across hunters’ traps and spears,
My reflection echoed from the soft ocean of your verdant eyes:

warm, wild, and glistening silver-pink,
What a lovely perennial rose I was!

I kissed it in drouth
and stared like a lover…


38 thoughts on “Simple Pride

    1. Very charming are your kind words, Jeff!🙏😃 It feels like each one of us has a signature style of writing. I also enjoyed the unique format and word choice of your works!🥂

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  1. Hard to start over. I did four times in my life dear Annabel. Each time, my life improved. I wish you great happiness and success. I like the old wise wisdom. “Do at least one thing daily you enjoy. Don’t allow life to overtake you and remember who you are.”

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    1. Thank you so much for the pep-talk, John. Honestly, I have already felt the stress. The days get really intense and I even work on the weekends for the research papers now😅😂.
      I loved the quote you shared! Yep, never let life overtake me….😅😄🥳

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  2. Annabel, you are a beautiful woman with a deep and beautiful soul. Your poetry is the embodiment of expression and creativity. 💖 I am fascinated by your new professional direction. I wish I could see you dance; I am sure you are equally expressive on the stage as you are on the page. 💐 Best wishes to you, always, and please keep writing and sharing. 🙏🏼

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    1. Oh dear Michele, thank you so much for your kind words and wishes!🥰 they mean so much to me.🙏💕

      And yes, the new change is both exciting and intimidating at the same time. But I was prepared for this moment to come ( deep down, I was never really satisfied being a dancer and I knew I had much more to offer😅). This change is inevitable and a calling🥳.

      I will stay connected for sure, my stunning friend❤️🌸 Happy happy July 4th !

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      1. My absolute honor and pleasure, Annabel. 🥰
        It appears you are ready and have the right mindset for a smooth transition. As smooth as they can be anyway. Best wishes to you as you move into your new role and direction.
        Thank you! 🤗 💗 Enjoy your weekend. 🌞

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  3. Such a beautifully moving poem Annabel, the way it flowed gently and vividly through time and memory. I wish you all the best as your life begins to take new shape and wishing you strength to continue onwards! 🌻☀️ I am excited to see the magic you shall create and elegantly weave 🥳. I too appreciate the kind words and comments you shared, they continue to be a source of warmth and encouragement that I will be ever thankful for. ☀️

    Best wishes to you always 🥳 .

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    1. Oh Nelson, how are you doing lately?! Thank you so much for your wishes and warm heart! I appreciate your every word.🙏🥳

      And indeed, my life and routine has altered tremendously due to my career change. Now my head spins faster than ever 😵‍💫🧐, lots of paperwork, movement analysis and group discussions..😂😅.

      Yet I am very happy and grateful for this new start! 🥳🥰 I too, wish you all the goodness life has to offer and pls keep us posted. 🥂🍹

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      1. You’re most welcome Annabel 🙂🥂. I’m doing well, thank you for asking 🙇🏾‍♂️, continuing to progress onwards on my end :D.

        Wow! So much to begin acclimating to in this new change of pace.
        I am glad that you are happy and grateful for this new start, I find that inspiring, how you have continued to move forward and advance, now journeying into dance scholarship. That’s so cool 🥳 I shall be eager to hear/learn more about it as we all continue to cheer you on and wish you all the best 🥂☀️🥳

        Thank you very much Annabel 🙇🏾‍♂️. I hope you have a great rest of your weekend 🥂☀️🌻

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      2. Very glad to know that you are well, Nelson! 😃

        Thank you so much for cheering me on and your wishes! I feel lucky to have my dear friends here with me.🥰🥂 Right now, I have started packing and need to get ready to move sooon…..I will keep you all posted as my journey progresses onward! 🥳🤪

        You have wonderful weekend too, Nelson!🍹🏝🏝

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    1. Thank you for visiting and commenting!

      I appreciate how you suggested the similar sentiments found in my humble words and the works of the beloved painter Willian Turner.🙏 Very kind of you!💗


  4. Having read this I believed it was very enlightening. I appreciate you taking the time and energy to put this content together. I once again find myself personally spending a significant amount of time both reading and commenting. But so what, it was still worth it!

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