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The First Man of My Life

I asked him for help,
his wife had been mad,
he nodded, with eyes fixed on 
a shelf full of philosophical books,
and that was it.

I begged for his support,
his wife had been bad,
he frowned, the eloquent tongue of
a diplomat fell in dead silence,
and that was it.

I cried for his sympathy,
his wife had showed her violent palms.
He then went out for a jolly concert overnight!
She was meant to remain, the forever 
glamorous opera singer in his mind.

Oh, the follies of my youth!
I let myself out the door
and sworn to never trust a man! 

12 thoughts on “The First Man of My Life

    1. Oh Michele, I couldn’t help but burst into laughters after writing this. Years of pent-up resentment dissolved in the most unexpected moment. 😅😂
      You’re so generously loving! 🌸🌸Thank you, dear Michele💕🥰😘

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      1. Bursting into laughter is much better than tears, although tears are cathartic. I had an “evil” stepmom at one point too, so I relate to your piece. I am happy to learn it brought you release – one of the many benefits of writing. Thank you for your loving words and for sharing your poetic (liberating) journey with us. 🤗😘💖

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      2. Thank you, Michele, for sharing and relating, for your kindness and openness! 🥂🙏 ( I only wished that was a stepmom,too😅😂)
        Have a wonderful day, Michele🌸💕🥰

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