If you want to Heal the world,
Love a man.
Choose the one whose soul calls yours to heal,
and who is brave enough to be afraid,
Look into his eyes and see deep within
his needs to love and be loved in return,
Accept his humanness and ordinariness,
Accept his idiosyncrasy and rigidity,
touch him in all his forms,
embrace all that is within him,
You will discover his sacredness in his humanness,
You will unveil his nobility in his ordinariness,
A mortal being in his elaborated armor,
and a divine priest in his royal blood.
If you want to Save the world,
Love a man.
Realise a life is full of humiliations for every man,
And he carries the Fisher King's wound groaning inside,
Do not punish him for his wounds,
but cry for him sweet rivers and floral springs.
Look into his eyes and see there his fathers and grandfathers, 
all the wars and madness their spirits fought in some distant land,
Hearing and sympathise their pains, struggles, torments 
and the well of guilts burdened by the ghostly past.
Knowing that he seeks a safe refuge in you,
Let him melt in your steady gaze and fly freely,
Next time as he re-enters the Grail Castle,
after his toils and countless dragon battles,
after he's ventured out and earned his masculinity,
We will hear him asking the holy question with assertion
and heal the'Fisher King' who groans years inside of him.  

If you want to Unite the world, 
Love a man,
Sit before him,
allowing his power as a man,
To step forward towards and swim in the Earth’s womb,
wisely, in silent knowing,
a new dawn is in the waking,
a new King is in the making,
A true and faithful masculine, 
who awakes to his full consciousness,
and grounds in his unformidable wills,
Sit and sing by his side,
a song of gentle remembrance,
that he may be soothed once more.

If you want to Gift the world, 
Love a man.
Do not coax out his little boy
With guiles and wiles of seduction and trickery
Only to lure him to a web of destruction,
Instead light up that magic lamp in your hand,
and show to him in his own godlike majesty.
When the world has put him down a thousand times,
and whether his mother held him or could not,
Show him now the true feminine,
Hold him and guide him in grace and depth,
Trust him enough to be naked and free,
Reveal to him the seeds to all that’s virtuous and worthy.
As he offers trust and honesty in return,
Cherish them more than gold rivers and diamond skies can combine,
And thank him for the opportunity,
Praise his strength and endurance
through raging winds and violent storms.

If you want to Love a man, 
First and foremost,
Love yourself.
Seeing yourself with the eyes of understanding and compassion,
Blessing yourself with the prayers of healing and growth,
give wings to every dream you ever hoped,
thank every death mountain you were placed, 
and be kind to every tear you ever shed,
Humbly, yet unapologetically, 
live this life 
as the Creator has always intended for you.....

Posted by:Annabel

A Dancer, choreographer, A researcher who specializes in Religious Dance and Ritual Performance Study. My blog is the notepad of my consciousness in the modern era we live and a witness of my unique journey on earth, in the cosmos.

22 replies on “The Impeccable Lover : To The Masculine

      1. You just made me laugh😃! Yep, boys also need justice and peace. Sometimes, I’m shocked at how simple truth has been turned upside down.
        Very glad you enjoyed it and it made my day!🙏🙏🥰

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Annabel, I am glad my enjoying writing made your day🙏🥰 I appreciate you understanding us boys also need justice and peace…lol

        Have yourself a wonderful weekend and until next time be safe and let your poetic juices flow😃

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Annabel, this piece brought tears to my eyes. Truly. Wisdom, grace, beauty, empathy, understanding, empowerment… I could go on. So many strengths and threads going on with this poem. This one is going in my special file – “to be read again.” 💖

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    1. Thank you for always being so wonderful, Michele!💕 This poem was inspired by the hundreds biographies I read and the real life dear boys. Together, they called upon my own healing in the most unexpected yet transformative way. Without it, I wouldn’t be even writing this blog. This kindness, patience, compassion, strength are be to kept in heart 😄💕….
      Thanks again, dear Michele! I found much beauty in your person and spirit🥰🙏

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you, Annabel. Your sweet words light up my day. Your well-informed poem is a wellspring of love, compassion, and awareness, addressing a topic that does not get enough attention. You clearly channeled their stories and needs into a most powerful creation. How wonderful that you received healing in the process – it is no surprise as I read over your lines. One cannot write a poem of that depth without being personally transformed through the process. I am curious about the biographies you mention. Did you read for school or personal interest? You are most welcome and thank you too. 🤗💖💐

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      2. You are the kindest, Michele💕. Reading biographies is my personal interest.

        Even as small child, I always felt something in my surrounding was terribly wrong, but I couldn’t verbalise and understand what it was. Then at the age of 9, I hit upon a book that changed my life in the library, it was a biography of a girl named ‘Sophia’(later Catherine the Creat), I was moved to tears as I identified myself with her sufferings and I went back day after day to read that book. It soon became an addiction and I read hundreds others over the years. I saw a part of me in each one of them and felt such compassion.

        Another surprising effect on me is that because of lacking any caring adult presence in my early life, I religiously followed the advice and life wisdom from the people I read and therefore escaped a ‘fate’ that always seemed to be allotted to me by birth….

        Thank you for giving me this opportunity to share and retrospect! I appreciate our connection very much🥰🙏

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      3. It is I who should thank you for taking the time to answer my question with such a thoughtful response. So many thoughts… I love that you read a book about Catherine the Great at age 9 and that you intuitively found motivators and teachers, when there weren’t any, or few, around. I have read more novels than biographies, but I can relate to seeking and finding advice and guidance beyond parents. Have a wonderful day my dancing and inspiring friend. 💖

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  2. Annabel, thank you for this poem. I can only confirm that there is no greater joy for a man than to love woman and to be loved by a woman. I was able to experience both and despite the suffering, which also accompanied love, I am happy. If there is anything that makes world worth saving is out of this love.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, thank you so much for reading and commenting. I truly appreciate your confirmation and insight! Isn’t it much of our suffering comes from lacking of love, acceptance, understanding and compassion? 😅
      And thank you for sharing a glimpse of your own experience. I am both glad for your good fortune and grateful for your kindness to share!🙏🥰🥂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I indeed feel super happy writing poems🥰😃! It’s the time I allow myself to be fully free, authentic, and the outside world is none of my business.🤪🍸🥳. I’m grateful that you feel my passion!🥂🙏

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