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Suicidal At Night

Who has taken her heart away and 
replaced with ice?
If only out of vanity,
I have wondered what kind of fine lady she'd become?
but she was an unlucky little girl,
a convict at birth and prisoned since. 

I saw her again last night,
during the ghostly hours when silence fell deaf,
and darkness revived, tigress shamelessly sat beside.
The girl was the usual,
her body painted with bruise,
her face covered by tears,
her hair soaked in the pool of her own blood,
And her heart trembled, frosty,
almost ran out of heartbeats.

I'd let go of her and chase after Healing,
but she cried again, when no one's watching:
'I know you don't love me,
but could you please not hurt me, Mama?
Finish my life as you wish,
for this life I no longer desire!'

22 thoughts on “Suicidal At Night

      1. You are most welcome, Annabel. Your words reveal a deep well of pain, either through a personal knowing or an empathy for others, or a combination of both. 💓 The beautiful light inside you shines. 🌟 Travel! Soar! Be free!

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  1. Thankyou Annabel for writing about this , its very sensitive issue not much spoken about ,but the trauma from such incidents in life is for lifetime, coming from the most cherished bond of life.I really applaud you and admire you to have written it so nicely.

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    1. I’m much grateful for your compassion and kindness❤️🥳. It has taken more 20 years to finally face my younger self. The society and culture has forced us to silence.

      But God has asked me to be the leader of such girls, and this is I am here for😄🙏

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