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I Saw A Dead Child

That year, 
She was close to meet God,
So was cousin George.
The mountain landslide was an enraged raven, astound.  
Crooked typhoon mingled with phantom storms, spellbound. 

Breathless she was, engulfed, underground,
So listen carefully,
as some helpers' voice heavenly approaching,
only to cry out,' Hey, who first? no time now!'

The family cohort from some distance, 
Eagerly shouted in concert, 
'The boy!  Get George ! George! '
So they dig George out, all promptly left.

A child remained as she was.
I wondered who placed her here,
to this lonely eternity of ash and ice,
and themselves returned to the warm
meadow, the mansion and the temple?
ghostly was the ruined field, frowzy,
unkind was that dreary night, frosty. 
there she crawling out, bleeding numbly....
Self pity,
And all that lingering legacy?

That year,
She was close to meet God,
So did cousin George;
George came out with a dead leg,
She came out with a dead heart.....
Childhood trauma





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