Would but beg Fortune send 
To me a kind, and faithful Friend, 
One who to Virtue’s Laws is true, 
And does his nicest Rules pursue.

One Pious, Liberal, Just and Brave,
And to his Passions not a Slave; 
Who full of Honour, void of Pride, 
Will freely praise, and freely chide; 
But not indulge the smallest Fault, 
Nor entertain one slighting Thought,
Whose self-worth never seeks to prove,
Who knows fear,still capable of Love.

He, in whom I safely may confide, 
And with him all my Sorrows divide,
Who has a soothing, benevolent Mind, 
Annexed with a Knowledge unconfined.

A Reason bright, a Judgement true, 
A Wit both quick, and solid too,
Who can conceded misdeeds, with Ease, 
And whose Converse seldom aim to please,
Who charmed with peace, with inward Grace,
Despises Fools with inscrutable Face,
And still a beauteous Heart does prize.

Above all, the most enchanting those Eyes,
Gazing into them, 
Not once I’d envy Queens their State, 
Nor pray for a happier Fate. 
A friend of mine





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Posted by:Annabel

A Dancer, choreographer, A researcher who specializes in Religious Dance and Ritual Performance Study. My blog is the notepad of my consciousness in the modern era we live and a witness of my unique journey on earth, in the cosmos.

10 replies on “Send Me A Friend

  1. Wow, this is really well written. It really struck a chord with me. I do hope fortune has been/will be kind to send to you a friend! Thank you for sharing this and your blog !


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