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To The Silenced

I have known the silence of the sky and of the sea,
And the silence of a city when it pauses,
the silence of a child and a maid,
And the silence of the sick
when their eyes roam about the rooms,
And I asked: For the sake of depth,
What’s the use of language and words? 
A beast of this field moans a few times,
when death takes its youth.
And we are voiceless in the face of Truth,
We cannot speak!

There is the silence of a great hatred,
And the silence of a great love.
There is the silence of an embittered friendship,
And the silence of a spiritual crisis,
Through which your soul, exquisitely tormented,
Comes with vision not to be uttered,
into the realm of higher ray.

There is the silence of the defeated,
And the silence of those undeservingly punished.
And the silence of the dying whose last unheard words
buried into the overdosed prayers of a priest.

There is the silence between father and son,
when the father cannot explain his own life,
Leaving the son explore a harsh world by himself.
And there is the silence between husband and wife,
When the mistrust harbors from one’s own agenda,
Disguising inward conflicts through exaggerated love propaganda.

There is the silence of a man,
whose love hears no returns,
and whose heart hesitates to trust;
And there is the silence of a woman,
whose phrases haven’t accustomed to lies,
and whose truths haven’t learned to trust.

And there is the silence of the dead,
If we who in life cannot speak
of profound human tales,
Why do you marvel at the dead,
Not telling you of death? 

Here’s to the silenced,
the silent abuser and silently abused,
May your silence be the beginning
of your unflinching voice.........
To the Silenced






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10 thoughts on “To The Silenced

  1. This is such a powerful piece, it really resonated with me and brought so many emotions. Thank you for sharing this piece and for sharing that hope for the silenced, to find their unflinching voice.


      1. You’re most welcome! I have really enjoyed reading your work thus far, truly inspiring. Thank you and to you as well!


      2. Nothing better than having someone who really listens. And that’s already healing …. Thank you for your message and I’m much obliged to your kindness🙏😃


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