At that first sight,
he seems to be confident,
Too much so, to the discerning eye,
there harbors a thick layer of pride;
he seems to be controlled, so much so,
to a degree of unescapable repression;
he seems to be friendly and unaffected,
But what he’s really after is
to be loved. 

One could not fail but recognize his strength,
He is unusually ambitious,
chasing after success and status,
with some coveted noble cause.
He is exceptionally persistent, 
devoting to big questions and myths.
with abundant intellectual talent and inclination.
He’s able to accomplish, 
thanks to the lethal combination of Ambition and Persistence.
He feels the inner calling, and responds graciously.
And underneath his every strength,
is the every impulse of a higher being.

He has a fine aesthetic taste, far surpassing most women.
He cares about appearance, bettering over most women.
And unconsciously, he despises them a bit in such regard.
But instead of narcissism, 
his long-subdued Anima does the speaking.

There flows a river of emotions, sensitivity 
circulating in his veins,
Yet he can hardly expressing, Why not swallowing the pains,
Just to match up to the ideal statute of what they call “masculinity”?

Despite his good will,
He blunders and irritates;
Despite his innermost tenderness,
He knows neither how to love nor to receive;
Some unknown insecurity got the better of him.
The obscured ancestral baggage weighs him down.
He might have been to every corner of the world,
But he has never been to himself.

Ambition, persistence,
Status, independence,
Fear, insecurity, Unbalanced.
The mix of strength and weakness,
Unveiling the profoundly unpleasant truth:
He had never been loved!
At least not properly, not unconditionally,
not without expectation, not without judgement,
not without wearing mask, not without some acting.

He cares not artificial liking, 
but souls merged from ocean depth;
He searches not fanatic admiration, 
but warms revealed in her empty gaze;
And after all his hopes and dreams, 
Toils and pains,
What he’s really after is to be loved.

Truth, another tale of humanity, 
bare and unfiltered,
Would he agree or deny?
The portrait of a man







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Posted by:Annabel

Just a woman who writes her heart out, unapologetically……

2 replies on “The Portrait Of A Man

  1. This piece carries weight on the landscape of self-discovery.
    The following “He might have been to every corner of the world,But he has never been to himself “.
    Very heavy anchor to the page. Great piece.


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