I was in a state of confusion,
How I was drowned to this deep well of unworthiness,
With dusty rose fill my eye,
Invisible ache my heart couldn’t cry.
No one sees me, sees this.

I was in a state of evaporation,
How I wished some kind soul might toss down a rope,
So I’d climb to merge the sky,
kiss the sunlight.
No one knows me, knows this.

Then, life proved itself 
More meaningful this way.
How eloquent it appeals,
when the gaslighting pope preaching of moral?
What comic it flaunts,
When the scheming coward wearing the lion crown?
Every illusion has declaimed itself 
luxurious to me.

I’m no longer in the grasp
Of shadows, darkening,
A new desire lifts me up
On to a higher realm.

No distance can weigh me down,
Enchanted I come flying,
And greedy for the light, at last,
A moth, I burn in dying.

Darling, do not wish me well,
For I’ve lost all my composure to be limited now.
A moth to a flame





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Posted by:Annabel

Just a woman who writes her heart out, unapologetically……

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