I want to start this day,

With endless love, to you

My lost and weary heart

Let’s leave behind the old wound caressed 

With no bitterness, no regret


I want to celebrate this day

With endless love, to you

My kind and courageous soul

Let’s sail to the new world awaits

With joy , with sunshine


If the road ahead is not so easy

Our love will lead the way for us

Like the northern star

If the unrelenting tiger comes out tonight 

Our love will weather the storm for us

Like a valiant knight 


Endless love,

To my most deserving darling

Through the darkest day, the longest night

You gave me peace, you gave hope

You knew how to raise my voice

You knew how to keep a dream alive


Endless love,

Cheers to all you have given me

Salute to all that is done and said

To the end of my day

Endless love to nature




Final note:

Embraced by the wondrous garden of earth surrounding me this morning, I have nothing more to say but endless love and gratitude filled in my heart, to myself, to my loved ones, to the trees, grass, soil, sky, birds, clouds……the list goes on and on.

Thanks all for playing their roles in advancing hearts. You are loved! Don’t give up😜🥂





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Posted by:Annabel

Just a woman who writes her heart out, unapologetically……

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