Modern Poems

The Blue Jay

All the towers of irony are crumbling

All the palaces of mirage are sinking

Gone are the days of rainbows

Gone are the days of swinging from stars

She is tried of being told how lucky she was

Lucky you, my daring blue jay


And there is a light, from the higher window

Shinning down on her tonight

“Could I catch it to the sky“ She asked

“Not until next life time” She was told

Safe for you, my darling blue jay


But the light from the window is fading

The candle gutters on the ledge

Well sorrow, as it comes a stealing

“I will catch the light anyway” She replied

Brave for you, my darling blue jay


Heaven has denied us its kingdom

The saints are drunk howling in the moon

Well no sorrow, as she is about to fly

Catch the light, catch the light

My darling blue jay


Make a rush

For the sea will swallow up the mountains

For the sky will throw out the storms

Well no rest, as the light is fading away

But, Why the spinning between constellations and dreams?

Oh, My darling blue jay


Waking up staring under the higher window

The light has walked away

The breeze brings an easier time

Good try, my darling blue jay


You forget the poison wine we drank before the light?

Well no cry, no cry

Too proud to show the bruise even to the faded light?

Good hide, my darling blue jay

The blue jay





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One thought on “The Blue Jay

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