An angel flew through the stormy rain,

Landed beside my fragile dream.


She whimpered a message from you.


Did you just send a question?

A question brings you sleepless night

Have you asked a question?

A question shadows your weary heart


No, my dear. I wasn’t a fair one

Each sentence for you I buried into silent tomb

Each step towards you I took forever long


No, my dear. You weren’t a foolish one

Each sentence for you I handed to the rain

Each step toward you I took a running inside


No, my dear

Somehow words never come out easy for me

Somehow the feet trapped deep into devil’s pond

No, it’s never easy for me

Every time I tried


But, remember when it rains

There’s always a prayer for you

Remember when it rains

There are eyes searching for you


Remember when it rains

There’s my heart sending out to you

When it rains



#To The Beloved




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Posted by:Annabel

Just a woman who writes her heart out, unapologetically……

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